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New drama-- Jerell says that Terri acts like her "shit don't stink" and that her outfit is "off the rip." He doesn't agree. He thinks her shit is WAY stinky. And, he's not fond of the outfit. More importantly, why is he even talking about her right now? Blayne thinks that his outfit is amazing, yet a risk. Leanne says that Korto and Joe's dress is really poorly constructed. Joe says that, since Korto has immunity, if there's a problem with their design, he's the one who gets punished.

Tim enters and brings the models in. Hair and make-up begins. People are still sewing, even when Tim comes in to bring them to the runway. Kelli and Daniel look like they're in trouble.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She introduces Michael, Nina, and Brooke Shields. Heidi introduces her as "fashion icon" like Tim did earlier. I understand the whole Calvin moment was pretty huge, but doesn't that make her more of an advertising icon? I don't think of Brooke Shields as a real template for fashion. No one does -- I'm confident stating that. We get it -- you're pushing the show because it's on NBC. We don't have to overstate things. The whole fashion icon thing has been very square peg/round hole to me.

The show begins. First up is Joe and Korto's design. It's an orange, India-inspired jacket over a khaki strapless dress. The jacket is much more fitted than it was before and looks pretty good. There is a cut-out on the back of the dress and there's a little bit of buckling around the bodice because of the lack of tension. It's not horrible, but... Joe says that the jacket is much better than it was before.

Kelli and Daniel's look is next. It's a short black jacket that has rippling fabric at the bottom. It matches a black pencil skirt. Under the jacket is a bodice of leopard print, black fabric, and tufts of turquoise fabric at the top of the bust. It's too short -- the model's waist is showing. It looks pretty bad. Kelli says that she's not totally happy with it, but it's a nice silhouette. She's right. Daniel thinks it looks like Dynasty to him, but it definitely changed from a suit to a two-piece ensemble. That's the totally wrong reference. It's Melrose Place, not Dynasty. No one on that show worked.

Next is Jerell and Stella's look. It's a really pretty camisole and skirt, with a really funky leather waistband. The camisole is a sort of an earthy brown color in silk. The skirt is a matching print, with a sort of pebble pattern. Brooke totally looks at Jerell and grins when the model is on the runway. Jerell is totally happy.

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