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Other Michael says that he is trying really damn hard to execute his vision. All of their words are starting to melt into a pot of "I wanna win," but I think he's saying something specific. He's been working a lot with what he's good at and editing and correcting. I think he's saying that he wants to be able to correctly put what is in his head onto the mannequin. So, Gretchen tells him that what he's working on looks like her curtains. Then, she interviews that Other Michael reminds her of herself five years ago, when she could only make dresses. Well, I recall her saying that the first slacks she made for this show were the first slacks she'd ever made, so...anyway, not sure that's really a point, but it's worth remembering. She says she could only make dresses and she replicated a lot of other work because that's the only way she could learn. Frankly, that's a pretty generous summation of Other Michael's issues. He's not a thief. He's still learning. I also happen to think he's a pretty ace problem solver, which I hope gets some play at some point in the evaluation of his talents.

With six hours remaining in the day, they're all working frantically. Mondo, overcome with exhaustion, decides to take a catnap. It turns into a much longer. No one wakes him up, because, duh. Other Michael wonders if it was on purpose. Anyway, he wakes up with only two and a half hours left in the day. He gets to work and Gretchen mentions that if there were any challenge to show cuckoo, this would be it. "Cuckoo couture," Mondo says. Yes.

Other Michael starts making a second dress, as a backup. He's trying to do this weird stuff with bunched and connected fabric. Ay. Gretchen jokes that she's excited about the challenge, but really just wants to leave. Everyone is going a little crazy, wrapping shit around their heads and running around. At the sewing machine in some weird mobster burqa, Other Michael does a Michael Kors impression that is pretty spot on. He says that same stuff that a dozen other designers have done over the years, imagining some snippy insult that they would think of.

Gretchen tells Andy that, though she likes his dress, it looks like a madam, a woman you "would pay high price to spank you." She interviews that his work is often just this side of slut and HE NAILED IT. That was awfully good. You know, Gretchen is a touch nut to crack. She's got the appearance of an angel, though I'm not sure she would ever expect you to think she is. That said, because of the contrast in her demeanor and her actual personality, there's something inauthentic-seeming about her. I'm not sure if that's fair, but I've certainly had a hard time liking her because of it. Andy jokes that he translated Central Park into a head waitress at a teahouse who gives happy endings. Well, that's awfully incorrect. He's worried about the dress. Gretchen tells him that she doesn't think he needs to start over. He interviews that, though he wasn't intending for that read of his design, he has to stick by it or it will be the end of him.

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