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Back at the apartments, Gretchen feels like she did both a disservice and a service by telling him the madam stuff. At the boys', Andy says her words are all he can think about. Other Michael says that he wanted to wake Mondo up and asked everyone if he'd said anything. Mondo "jokes" that the others wanted him to sleep until 11.

The next day, Andy has decided to stick by his designs. Other Michael tells us that the bunched part of his fabric is supposed to represent the pedestal of the statue, which is kind of clever. Mondo says that Other Michael doesn't have a dress yet. Mondo tries to use some yellow sequins, but decides that, since he's never done it before, he can't work with sequins.

Here's Tim for consultations. He starts with Mondo, who explains his inspiration. It's a photo of the cars on the Brooklyn Bridge, including a shiny black car and a yellow cab. He says the yellow sequins were to be representative of the cab, but he feels like it's too much. Tim agrees. The rest of his design is representative of the bridge and it's architecture without being too literal. Tim seems to like it. Other Michael says that he'd expected Cloroxed denim and whips and chains on Mondo's design, but he'd misjudged him. He thinks he's the most creative person he's ever seen and surprisingly (I'm assuming he's surprised because of the confused way his face scrunches when he says it) classy.

April presents her dress to Tim. Mondo interviews that her work can come off a little costume-y. Tim tells her that her strength is in editing. She interviews that Tim is the person that she respects most here. That's good to hear. I kind of felt like Tim was off his game a little last season, but, even though these designers have been fairly difficult, he's really given some expert mentorship this season. I love that he's equally passionate and scholastic.

Tim shows Michael his sketches. Tim asks Other Michael if he's being as ambitious as the other designers. The scrunched up fabric? Tim doesn't like it. Apparently, Other Michael wasn't being true to himself when contemplating using it.

Mondo thinks that Andy is playing it safe. Tim is hot on the slutty trail and tells Andy not to let his work seem like Real Housewives of New Jersey. Gretchen is thankful that she's having a "real" critique with Tim today, because she needs it. She tells him about her LES inspiration. Mondo interviews that Gretchen is one of the more exhausted designers on the show, which corresponds with her sounding really tired. He thinks her piece looks really tired too. Tim, really having nowhere to go, tells her to reference her customer and not herself. Gretchen interviews that, though she and Tim have different aesthetics, she believes Tim can see the potential in all of the designers. She has a lovely moment where she tells Tim that it has been an honor working with him. He does that super sexy midwestern thing where he can't really hear it and just gives her a hug. Oh Tim. My heart goes boom.

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