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Gretchen's look? I don't know. It's a skirt and top and weird motorcycle jacket. Even she doesn't think it's really runway, but she justifies that it's supposed to look like a normal girl walking down the street. Not in the LES, unless she was teaching Home Ec in a high school there. FYI- I've been thinking lately that it would have been really punk rock for me to take Home Ec in high school and I wish I'd done it.

Here's Andy's dress. His styling makes it look a little less slutty but still slutty. He feels really good about it. Mondo's dress is pretty good. It's like late 30's Upper East Side event planner. Maybe Bethanny on the Real Housewives of New York. Everyone tells him that he's done a great job.

April's look is very April. No color at all. There's a neat cut-out on one shoulder, but that's the only thing that's different about it from her other work. She's happy with it.

Afterwards, Mondo explains the optical illusion of his inspiration. Michael feels that he showed that color isn't his crutch, though he uses a lot of patent leather. Nina feels that he has a lot of ideas, though Heidi feels like she has seen this before. Christian thinks that it's a chic dress.

Andy talks circles around the fact that his dress has nothing to do with Central Park, except the patent leather parts mimic water. Michael doesn't see the inspiration and feels that he uses the "warrior woman" too much. Nina likes the wet effect. Heidi thinks that the lines are flattering. Christian really likes it too. He seems like he's really being thoughtful

Michael is confused with Gretchen's look. He thinks she looks like a secretary. Nina asks her what happened and she starts to cry and says that she's tired and she's sick of the challenges. She wants to get back to designing like she does normally. Heidi points out that she had carte blanche to design whatever she wanted for this challenge, which isn't exactly true. I get Gretchen's point. Christian saves the day and appreciates that Gretchen designed separates. He thinks the skirt and top are "a little off the rack," which Gretchen says is a great point. Heidi says she thinks that Gretchen is better than this design.

Michael feels that the sameness in April's designs is numbing. He thinks her work is joyless and she has designed a dress for "a pregnant witch." Wow. She says that she likes the drama of black, but Heidi thinks that she should have tried to surprise them with color. April starts to cry and apologizes for her tears. Nina thinks that she missed an opportunity to show the judges that she could do something else. Christian appreciates that the dress looks like April and is interested to see what else she could do.

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