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Michael thinks that Other Michael's dress is a show stopper. Other Michael doesn't know what fabric he worked with, which is weird. Christian likes it, but thinks that the slit in the front is a little high. Heidi doesn't. She loves the slit and thinks that a lot of other women would love it too. He thinks that Mondo and Andy should go to Fashion Week with him. Gretchen thinks that Mondo and April should go. Andy says Mondo and April. Mondo chooses April and-surprise-Other Michael! He says that Other Michael listens and isn't afraid to grow. April chooses Mondo and Gretchen.

The designers leave the stage. In the waiting room, they collapse on the couch. Gretchen says that she will get to Fashion Week without the show. April starts crying. Other Michael tells her that she shouldn't let the judges get to her. Mondo says that choosing two people who should go to Fashion Week was hard because he knows all of them have dreams.

Freida Pinto is so beautiful in the L'Oreal commercials. She's an angel. Anyway, the judges love Mondo. Nina likes that he is detailed and unafraid of color and patterns. Christian isn't totally sold. He thinks it was a bit staid? He makes a movement to describe what he meant and that's the best I can get from it. Michael is afraid that Andy is obsessed with the warrior woman. Christian loved it, but Heidi thinks that he played it safe. Michael thinks that Other Michael designed THE dress of the day. Nina loved it too. Christian had issues with him not knowing what fabric he was using and wonders if he designed it by accident. Michael says that, though he may not know what he was using, he knows what the fabric did. Michael hated April's dress. Nina doesn't think that she has taken any chances. Christian feels that there is something interesting in the design possibilities of an April collection. Heidi says that Gretchen has lost her steam. Christian thinks that she designed something for a street market. Michael thinks that Gretchen usually knows her customer. Nina thinks that she lost her confidence, but Heidi wonders if she ran out of ideas.

The designers return to the stage and all hug each other before taking their positions in front of the firing squad. Four of them will be creating collections, but only three of them will be competing at Fashion Week. Other Michael is through to Fashion Week. No smile from Gretchen. At least, that's what they chose to show us. We see her smiling as he leaves the stage. Mondo is through too. He interviews that he couldn't be happier. He tearfully hugs Other Michael backstage and tells him that he's proud of him. Andy is through, though Heidi tells him to lay off the warrior woman. It's down to April and Gretchen. Gretchen is in. She goes backstage and hugs Other Michael. She tells the guys that she's glad that she got the second chance that they all got. Huh? Love it.

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