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Jen Rade also likes the dress, but her compliments are so over zealous they almost sound like insults. Despite her strenuous, wide-eyed delivery, she says Epperson clearly has a concept of how clothing is made and is bringing something unique and different to the table.

They ask Emarie what she wanted in a dress, and she smilingly tells them: "I wanted something purple." Heee. She also wanted something youthful, she says, and fun. Jennifer Rade: "Here's what I wrote on my card: 'The purse is the most interesting thing about this outfit.'" SNAP. Bring this lady back, please -- she is vicious, but honest, and I love it. She says the dress is cute enough, but it shows her nothing about Johnny's design aesthetic. "The world really doesn't need more of that dress," she says, and it's so succinct and true. Heidi brings down the boom: "To me, it looks very bridesmaid." Johnny gasps like it's the ultimate insult, which it is. It's also just ill-fitting and wrinkled and has a goofy bow at the waist. Zoe adds the word that's a blessing and a curse in the fashion world: Wearable. Johnny rambles about how he can use their criticism as he goes forward.

Heidi goes for Qristyl's throat right off the bat, saying that her dress has aged Valerie 10 or 15 years. "Which, for the modeling world," she says, "is like dog years." Jen smells blood in the water and wonders why Qristyl, out of all the world's fabrics, would choose plain black jersey. Qristyl says she just wasn't sure what to get. "You picked the safest thing," Jen says, "and honestly, that never pays off." Heidi asks if Valerie likes the dress and the poor woman says that yes, she does. "That's why Valerie's not a designer," Jen jumps in, "right?" Valerie smiles: "Yeah." Jen: "Thank God." Oh, NO. She just did NOT. Damn. Valerie shoots a side look to the dying Qristyl like, "together, we will cut this bitch."

To my sweet relief they move on to Althea and her model, both of whom all the judges love. Heidi loves the way Tanisha strutted, and thinks the suit is very chic. Jennifer Rade goes nuts for the suit and says she'd like to walk out of there today with the jacket over her arm to use for a client. "I would literally buy this right now," she says. "Love it." Zoe fully agrees. "This is a suit," she says. Other than the stretched out boob-slinging tank, I have to agree, at least about the jacket. The fabric is super cool and the jacket looks great.

Everyone is dismissed, and the real judging begins. "Let's talk about who we don't like," Heidi says. "Qristyl." Aw. But, yeah, they really do not like her. Heidi thinks the dress looks like something a waitress would wear at an industry party, not a model, and Marc thinks she managed to make a simple black dress look cheap. Zoe can do nothing but shudder. Many headshakes are reserved for Logan, as well. Zoe says Kojii gave him 50s, lace and feathers, and he could have done so much more. They all agree that Johnny's dress was totally boring. "Anybody could wear that," Marc says, "and who cares?" Heidi says the designers need to be pushing the envelope. "That's why we're not responding to a black dress," she says, "or to a prom dress." They, of course, loved Althea's suit. Heidi thinks Carol Hannah's model looked both classy and sexy, and Marc points out that CH's dress not only looked good "static," but that it moved beautifully. They also liked Epperson's design and feel like it showed that he is skilled at clothes making. Heidi admits she is obsessed with boobs -- which makes me wonder why nothing was said about Althea's model, who actually has boobs. "It was definitely a new-bra situation," Zoe says, and Jen agrees. "Or," Marc suggests, "a no-boob model." They all laugh and he adds that "there are many of them out there that are very famous! Not you, Heidi."

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