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At long last, the final decisions are made. Week after week this portion of the show is just interminable. They repeat everything we just heard twice, and it kills me. Epperson is declared in, and leaves the runway with a classy little handshake to Qristyl, which I find heartening after their drama of last week. Althea is named the winner, which she is thrilled about and she goes back stage to receive cheers and hugs. Also named "in" is Carol Hannah and, barely avoiding the bottom-two, Johnny. That leaves Qristyl and Logan. In a surprise to no one, Logan is saved. Heidi says that Qristyl's black cocktail dress was boring and, unfortunately, looked cheap. "You didn't take any chances," she says, "and that's something a successful designer needs to do." She is declared "aut" and politely thanks everyone for the opportunity. Tim seems a little sad to send her to the workroom to clear out her stuff, but off she goes, finally separating the wheat from the chaff. I feel like the "auts" are about to get a lot more painful.

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