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Qristyl says her model wanted "warm colors" like chocolate brown and black. "Me, personally, as a designer," Qristyl says, "I never really design anything in black." Oh, Qristyl! Having seen some of your extremely misguided color choices, I wonder if maybe you should start. Not sure you should go with brown and black at once, though... in jersey fabric... sigh.

Back at the workroom, the action is immediate. They only have one day to work on these designs. I am not sure where everyone else has gone, but at one point Johnny and Louise seem to be working alone in the sewing area. "I'm just thinking about someone else having to go home," Louise says, gloomily. Johnny asks who she thinks it will be. "It's just so depressing," she says. "I don't know." Johnny jokes that it will be him. Christopher is also thinking about the dwindling field of contestants. "You think 13 is a lot," he says, "and then you look around and you're like... 'oh.' We're just getting knocked off." No time to dwell on this sad fact, however, as their time is limited. Carol Hannah jokingly announces that she has a fully-finished cocktail dress and the camera whips over to her for about a millisecond to show the blur of fabric that could be a dress, or could be a raincoat. Who knows? Why do they never show the dang clothes on this show? Give me a little bit of the creative process, please. There are enough programs out there about how dumb human beings are -- I don't need to be told about their every emotion and fear. Christopher the pressure is on, but that he works well under pressure. "Some of the designers," he adds, as the camera lurches over to the handsomely confused Logan, "are still struggling." Nicolas, for his part, says he'll still be sewing when Tim shows up and rips the needle out of his hand.

Speaking of Tim, he has just arrived to take stock of their progress. He is most intrigued by Althea's concept. Her model, she says, wanted a black look with a short skirt to show off her legs. She has added a jacket that she refers to as "a cigarette jacket," which causes Tim to immediately crease his brow. "What's a cigarette jacket?" he asks. "You mean like, a smoking jacket?" Ha! Yes, that is actually what she means, and thank goodness Althea has a sense of humor and can admit it. I was going with her, there, for a second. I mean, there's a cigarette pant after all. I was hoping she had come up with something really insane like a jacket with super-skinny arms. You watch -- next season we will all be wearing cigarette jackets with arms so tight we have to walk with our wingspans fully extended. She is also working on a belt with the fabric layered and stitched together. "You know, it doesn't have to look like a cummerbund," Tim says. "I think it can just look like a sash." Althea laughs hysterically like it never occurred to her that these black, layered and stitched pieces of fabric might look like a cummerbund. Crazy girl, wake up. Can you not see that you are basically making a tuxedo suit? Tim says it definitely has a wow-factor potential.

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