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Meanwhile, Christopher is constructing something that might make you say "wow," in an entirely different tone. His dress, which he says he is making to accentuate his model's small waist, is bright green. The color might be really interesting, actually, and the design on the dress form looks cool, but I see ruffles on the table -- don't think I don't see the ruffles! -- and they scare me. I really like Christopher, I have to say. He is Minnesota Nice and it is endearing -- especially when he reveals that he is afraid Tim is going to say his green color makes his model look like a salad. Tim laughs and so do I -- because it's true.

Epperson is doing his best with the nutball direction he received from his model. Tim is impressed. His dress, which appears to be made of some kind of stretch velvet (not as tacky as it sounds) is accented with ribbons of another fabric that wrap around the torso, all in a rich, gold-ish brown. Um, yes, that would be bronze, right? Good one, Al Lowe. Tim tells him to continue in the direction he's going and to "be Epperson." And as mad as she was at him last week, I'm betting Qristyl wishes she could "be Epperson" right about now. Because her dress looks like two pieces of fabric bunched together and stapled around the dress form. It's black on top and brown on the bottom, and I can kind of see where she's going but... you know those sheets made of t-shirt fabric? From what the camera is showing us, it looks like she took two of those, king size, and tried to make one dress out of all that fabric. Tim has concerns. "Forgive me for using this blunt word," he says, "but it looks messy... like she's been rolling around in bed." For the briefest moment we see a long-shot of the dress and it looks much better. This consultation with Tim, however, has delivered quite a blow on poor Qristyl. "Okay," she says. Q looks tired, y'all. "Well, we don't want that," she says of his bed-rolling comment, and adds that she has a lot of work to do.

Speaking of a lot of work, Logan is in a hot mess, people. He tells Tim he is afraid his garment will end up looking "like a Smurf prom dress." Tim is taken aback. "Well, now that you've said 'Smurf,'" he says, fingering the blue fabric. "Don't use that word again! Don't plant it in anybody's head!" I am dying that Tim Gunn knows what a Smurf is. When I saw him make these commands in the previews, I was sure he was declaring a ban on the word "prom." No. Tim Gunn fears the Smurf. Logan says he has never worked with lace much, which does not surprise Tim at all. Since it appears that Logan is making some sort of thick lace overlay for this dress that will add about 15 pounds to his model, I am not surprised, either. "You have a conundrum," Tim tells him, quietly. "You really do." Across the room, Carol Hannah shows off her dress, which seems to be coming along, nicely. The top is a one-shoulder design of deep purple with a waist-accentuating structured middle, and the skirt seems to be made of a fabric I don't recognize. Is it velvet? Leather? Seriously, I can't tell you, because they show it for a quark's worth of time. In any case, it looks pretty cool, though Tim wonders if the design of the top is perhaps "robbing the model of her youth." All in all, Tim says he is please with the potential of the designs he sees in the room, and he leaves to fetch the models for their fittings.

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