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This gives the producers enough time to creep up on Epperson and fit in an emotional call to his family. He seems like a truly nice man. He misses his wife and children, terribly, and has a very small, private cry about them after a phone call home.

Back in the workroom, Qristyl has scrapped her original design after Tim's critique. She is going, instead, with an all-black design. "Black will be safe," she says in an interview, "and it better be good." The models arrive and much kissing and squealing goes on. Epperson breaks it to Matar that the orange wasn't happening. She seems fine with it, if not a little stoned. He is proud that he went with his instinct on the replacement color. "I've worked with so many different celebrities and clients," he interviews. "And they trust my judgments, so why am I so concerned with this situation when I know that I am gonna make her look the best she can?" Celebrities?! This is interesting news! And yet we find out no more.

Johnny is up to his old tricks of emotional manipulation. When his model suggests an edit to the cleavage on his dress, he "jokingly" snaps at her to "honey, please don't tell me what to do." He adds that he doesn't tell her how to model, but then remembers that oh, yes he does. "Thank you," she shoots back, mildly sarcastic, and I am glad. I think for a second that she has his number, but when he starts in with "you hate the dress," basically begging her to reinforce him, she plays right into his passive-aggressive hands. Johnny wears me out, y'all.

Things continue to go well for Althea. Her model loves the look, saying that it is even more awesome than she envisioned it would be. "I'm really trying to focus on what's important," Althea says in an interview. She's mostly worried about all the hand-tailoring she wants to get done before it's time for the runway show. Since the skirt appears to be a wadded-up ball of fabric right now, I can see where her concerns are coming from.

Kojii tells Logan that all the models are nervous about messing them up in the contest. "As long as I send something down the runway that I'm proud of," he says, "then it doesn't really matter. But, it's definitely nerve-wracking." Way to self-serve, handsome. He says he has designed the dress to make Kojii kind of a goth Cinderella. "She loves the look," he says. "But at the same time, she would go to the party and people might be looking at her for the wrong reasons." Haw? Were words edited out of that? It seemed a little reality-show-English.

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