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What The Elle?

The scores are tallied, and Heidi explains that they reviewed the one-sheets earlier. The models return to the stage.

Laura explains that, in her picture, Camilla was going to an event and confident enough to hail her own cab. Laura's used to hailing cabs in war-torn Bosnia, apparently, because it's actually not that dangerous in New York. Nina says that she isn't surprised by the look. She understands that Laura has a "cocktail, evening" perspective, but she wants to see something more. Michael Kors gives Laura some great advice: if you're going to stick to cocktail hour as a point of view, you have to expand what that means. It has to mean more than "a little dress with a spare bare neck." I hope she takes that to heart. Teri likes the dress because it's commercial, but editorially? It's been done.

Michael tells the judges his stupid words and that his dress is made to garner attention. Michael Kors thinks there is "no look." Heidi doesn't think it's flattering. Teri is generous and calls the booby window on Michael's dress a "keyhole." She thinks he may have gone overboard in his quest to be sexy. Well, no kidding. He had to be sensual and sultry. We've long been over the board. Nina is disappointed. She expected Michael to deliver the edited, focused work that he gave them earlier in the season.

Uli describes the experience of Nazri playing with the street band in her photo. Heidi likes the dress a lot. Teri thinks that it's a fresh look. Nina is thrilled that it's not long like Uli's other dresses. Nina thinks that it's surprising, but still Uli.

It's on to Jeffrey. Teri, looking at the picture, says that in the "hansom carriage," the dress looks dowdy. Little does she know, it's a bicycle cart. If a rickshaw is making your dress look dowdy, you're in trouble. Michael Kors doesn't think there's anything provocative about it. He thinks it's too pretty. Nina says that she's confused. Jeffrey says that he wanted to present something that wasn't "The Devil in Balenciaga." Heidi says that she likes his edginess, but this dress looks like a milkmaid.

The designers leave the runway, and the judges start deliberating. Nina says she's surprised that Michael doesn't know what his strengths are. He's good at sportswear, she says, not evening. Teri hated his gown. Michael and Teri nail the similarity and alliteration of his words. I don't think I can get over that, people.

Nina was surprised by Jeffrey, but not in a good way. She can see that he went in the opposite direction of what they expected from him. Teri says that the dress did not work on any level. Michael reminds everyone that the dress did not provoke, but he does think that Jeffrey has "something to say about fashion."

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