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What The Elle?

Heidi says that she would wear any of the dresses that Laura has made. But "are we gonna see this dress coming down the runway twelve times, or no?" Michael says that if every dress of hers has a plunging neckline and feathers and beads, he'll scream. She needs "to rough it up a little." Nina poses the theory that maybe Laura will evolve into something a little edgier after this experience.

Heidi and Michael loved Uli's dress. Heidi says that she could see the dress "all over" Elle. Nina agrees and says that Uli's picture was adorable too. Michael is interested to see Uli tell a story with a collection. They think her three words were perfect.

The designers return to the stage. Heidi says that the judges had a hard time deciding. Commercials. And America has voted, and 50% say Uli should be auf'd tonight. Whatever, America. Did you understand the question?

We're back. Heidi says that most of the designers had problems with this challenge, except for Uli! How about that, America, she won the challenge. She's going to Fashion Week.

Heidi tells Laura that they're afraid she is one-note. She tells Jeffrey that his dress was unsophisticated. Nobody's crying over this one, huh? Michael confused the designers by making an ugly evening gown instead of some sportswear. Laura is "in." Fashion Week, baby! She goes backstage and hugs Uli.

Okay, it's down Jeffrey and Michael. And... they're both in! They giggle in disbelief. Heidi says that the judges believe in both of them. She congratulates them and they leave the runway. They all hug backstage. Michael interviews that he has been waiting for this opportunity all his life. Tim enters and says he is very happy that he didn't have to see one them eliminated.

As they leave the backstage area at Parsons for the last time in the competition, everyone seems really excited. This is gonna be good. These guys are different enough that each of their collections will be really interesting to see. But first... you know what's next... it's gonna be good... oh, yes. REUNION!

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