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What The Elle?

Michael's name is chosen next and he chooses... Clarissa? That is so STUPID. You've got Amanda, who may be annoying, but works that shit. And best of all, Marilinda -- possibly the "most improved" model of the year. And if there is ever a distinction more ridiculous than "most improved model," I hope I die before I hear about it. I'm not that into Javi or Lindsay (is that clear?), but those other two are much better than Clarissa. The girl is jaundiced. And otherwise just not that pretty. I don't know why I'm picking on these poor girls, but let's be real. She ain't that good-looking. Perhaps he didn't want to take Jeffrey's model and just doesn't like Amanda. By the way, Project Runway, thanks for never making anything more out of that bit with the models hating Amanda. I was all pumped up for some sort of catfight and... nothing. I appreciate that, bitches.

That means that Jeffrey is last, and he chooses Marilinda. She dances backstage and hugs the other models. Onstage, Amanda is standing with her mouth agape, stunned. STUNNED! I really would have liked to see that catfight. As the girls leave the stage, Uli says, "I'm sorry, Lindsay." Lindsay, a very good sport, blows her a kiss and smiles. Heidi tells them that this challenge is their last time to "wow" the judges. Then, they are dismissed.

The next morning, we see all the designers heading towards Nina Garcia's office. Laura interviews that she is excited to have her first one-on-one interaction with Nina. Wait until she finds out that Nina is perpetually judging. There's a runway in her home, office, a portable one for outdoors. And she's always sitting alongside it, judging. Sometimes wearing sunglasses inside, which we all hate. There's no such thing as one-on-one with Garcia, Laura. She doesn't DO one-on-one. Castrating bitch. Actually, that was just a jokey aside. There's no runway in the office -- and I'm not actually sure about the one in her house. (But there are rumors.) Nina meets them in her office, sexily standing in front of some easels with... I don't know, but it looks very important and fashion. She poses the question, "How important is fashion editorial?" It's rhetorical. She tells them that they want to capture the attention of fashion editors, because being feature in one of the big fashion mags gives you incredible exposure. She shows them a couple examples of the "First Look" page in Elle. It is the first fashion page in the magazine and usually features a new talent. Nina says that they want their readers to "want" the clothes on the "First Look" page. Simple enough. A strong point of view is necessary to capture an editor's imagination, she says. Their challenge will be to create outfits of their own choosing; however, it has to convey what they have to offer as designers. They each need to communicate a story.

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