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What The Elle?

This challenge offers complete creative freedom, which both excites and frightens Uli. It's great to do your own thing, but she's used to the guidelines of the challenges at this point. That makes sense. You're thinking reductively when there are guidelines -- taking the parts of your own style that speak to the challenge and leaving out the other stuff. Without that, you run the risk of just jumbling every idea you have into a design.

Nina gives them each a sheet of thick, white cardboard or something. They're supposed to write three words that describe them as a designer. I don't know why they need a big ol' thick piece of paper for that, but I guess that's just the biz. Their three words have to connect with the looks that they create for this challenge. I'd just make a dress and then write three words that could be used to describe the dress, but I'm a cheater that way. I'd be all, "Blue, short, belted." They thank Nina and they're on their way.

At the workroom, Tim reiterates what Nina said about the "one-sheet" (so much more official). They don't have to write their three words now, but they have to do it before the runway show. So, they really could use my idea. They will have $250 and two days to work. Their thirty-minute sketching time begins... now. "Wow. Those. Judges," is Tim's final advice. Great advice.

Jeffrey interviews that he wants to buck the notions that the judges have about him as a designer. He wants to show another side of himself. The "romantic" side. George Carlin couldn't have delivered that better. His romantic side! I love it! Wait, he's not joking. Jeffrey is very romantic. And patriotic, too. He's making a red, white, and blue dress.

Uli is confused. She decides that she will go with whatever she finds at Mood. The mannequins are like, "We don't want to see this. And we've got to get onstage. Hello, Cleveland!"

Laura decides that she's not going to send any sort of risky departure down the runway. She's going to do what she does best, but a better version. Okay, then.

Like Uli, Michael is a little perplexed. He has created several sketches, hoping that one would "jump out" at him, but that hasn't happened. And here's Tim to take them to Mood.

At Mood, Uli does indeed find inspiration. And... it's a print. No, you're not reading a recap from every other fucking episode of this season. She chose a print. She says it's "printed, colorful, flowy, Uli!" I think she kind of knows how ridiculous that whole thing has become. I say that, but you can't really compare her with another designer from this show, ever. Her commitment to working with prints is, well, standout. Crazy, but it's unique.

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