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What The Elle?

Tim enters and starts to look around. He tells Jeffrey that his dress is very "unexpected." Then Jeffrey describes a dress that he made that was similar to this one that "made people almost cry." That's because it was made of onions, but anyway. Tim, not knowing the onion part, tells him to "do [that dress] here."

Laura tells Tim that she doesn't want to have the judges repeat their old criticism about her only making dresses for herself. Tim suggests that she take a risk like she did during the last challenge; she will "keep them guessing." Now, Laura's afraid that she's being too safe. "Well, you don't wanna be safe." Yeah, we get that, Tim. That's where the whole "worrying about being too safe" line of thinking was headed.

Michael doesn't have anything on his dress form. He's just cut out some strips of fabric and he has his sketch. Tim's not buying. He tells Michael that it "can't just be a pretty dress." This is a glimpse of what the judges can expect from Michael's Fashion Week collection, so he has to bring his A game. Michael says that he understands, but I'm not sure he does.

Uli breaks it down for Tim. She's not happy with her dress. It looks like a "kitchen dress." Tim gently tells Uli that she's predictable. The judges know what to expect from her. She should try to break out of the mold that she's made for herself while still retaining her own Uli flavor. She doesn't know what to do. "You may have to sleep on it," Tim tells her. "Well, I hope you can sleep," she replies.

With one hour remaining, Uli decides to start from scratch. Laura tells her to go for it, then interviews that she's not sure Uli has a plan. Uli says, "Coming up, Uli doesn't finish her dress. But watch what happens on Project Runway."

The next day, Uli explains that "Uli is in big trouble." Well, referring to yourself in the third-person is definitely a sign. Laura reminds her that, since she started over, it's like she has only one day to complete a design. Bummer.

At the workroom, Uli wonders, "Maybe a magical elf finished my dress." Laura proposes, "Maybe a magical elf started your dress!" That's the attitude.

Tim enters and asks the designers to gather round with their one-sheets. He tells them that the winning designer will have their design photographed by Gilles Bensimon and featured in Elle's "First Look" pages. That's bad-ass. Everyone's really stoked. Laura's especially impressed by the mention of Bensimon. Tim also explains that the designers will have to photograph their models on the streets of New York for the challenge. Okay, this is pretty cool.

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