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What The Elle?

Jeffrey and Marilinda go to Central Park. Jeffrey thinks that his story is about a "romantic person." There are irreverence and provocation in the fabrication, or so he tells us. Does that mean he sewed a "Kick Me" sign on her back? I'd certainly be provoked. He photographs Marilinda in a rickshaw.

Laura tries to take a picture of Camilla inside of one of the elevators at the Atlas Building, but the elevator door won't cooperate. It keeps closing. Comically. Finally, Laura just says, "Forget it, it was a stupid idea." Then she shoots Camilla hailing a taxi. Camilla's so lithe and long-limbed, it's pretty striking to see her calling out for a taxi.

Uli and Nazri go looking for fun, and they find it in Times Square. Uli reasons that there are lots of people there, which is fun to her. After they're finished, we see them walking away, and Uli looks like she found her fun.

Back at the workroom, Tim tells the designers that they have an hour to choose a photograph and complete the one-sheet with the three words. Laura chooses "Glamour, Confidence, and Elegance." Say what you will about the one-noteness of Laura's designs -- those are the PERFECT three words to describe her point of view. In fact, I'd even say that "Confidence" even sets her apart from other designers of her ilk. You see a lot of the "Glamour and Elegance." The "Confidence" inserted? Not so much. The words not only describe her, they clarify her. Girl is smart.

Jeffrey's three words are "Provocative, Irreverence [sic], and Romantic." I think those are three really great words to describe a designer, but Jeffrey... hasn't really made me think of romantic. Adventurous? Feminine? I guess his work is feminine enough to evoke romance. It just seems like that's something he has attempted for this challenge, and his work as a whole doesn't really sing romantic. Jeffrey says that the picture of Marilinda in the rickshaw is "the best picture in the world." Take that, Ansel Adams!

Uli and Nazri found a band on the street, and Uli chooses a picture of Nazri playing drums with the band. It's a cute picture. Her words are "Fun, Life, and Adventure." I guess it's a good thing Jeffrey didn't choose that. Those seem like good words to describe Uli's stuff. You imagine a crazy girl flitting to and fro.

Michael really likes the photo he chose of Clarissa. He repeats his stupid words -- oh wait, they're different. Now, they're ALL exactly the same: "Sexiness, Sensuality, and Sultry." I find his failure to take advantage of the three words really stupid. He's seemed like a smart guy to me until this very moment. Uli says she's worried about Michael because his photo looks like one that might be in a magazine with the caption, "I'm alone at home. Please call me at 1-800 whatever." Jeffrey thinks that Michael made the worst dress, and he also thinks that Michael's three words are stupid. And Jeffrey's not wrong.

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