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Nina loved Josh's dress, for its simplicity and how flattering it was. Apparently, Nina was NOT in love with Anya's design, though Malin was. Michael says that he knows Nina thinks it was too much, but Michael says that, of the looks they saw that day, it was the most "fashion with a capital F." Heidi likes that Anya is always experimenting with silhouette. Michael loved Viktor's color combination. They are aware, however, that Viktor was working with the most fashion obsessed couple. He had a lot of input.

The designers return to the runway. Heidi says they had a hard time picking the winner. Anya is in. Josh... is the winner. He interviews that he's on cloud nine (then does a round-off behind the scrim -- Heidi's worried for insurance purposes, obviously), because he's the first designer to win two challenges. Hmm. I guess that's true. This has been a weird season lacking in true frontrunners and if Josh is the person I have to resign myself to seeing until the end, I'm not happy. Backstage, everyone is happy for him. He makes Anya put her hand on his bare chest to feel his heart and stubble. Olivier seems tentative about doing the same. Viktor is in too, naturally.

Now, for the losers. Heidi tells Bert to remember that he can't be too simple, like they told him earlier. It's down to Anthony and Bryce. Bryce... is out. Anthony leaves the runway. Heidi kisses Bryce and he quietly leaves. He interviews that he was proud to take a risk, even if it was incorrect. He wanted to show everyone what he could really do and he doesn't feel like he ever really got that opportunity. He goes backstage to receive his hugs. Josh says, "Who's gonna make my coffee!" I get that he's trying to lighten the mood, but sometimes you have to just let things be about other people until they're are actually officially asking for a distraction. This, to me, would be one of those moments.

Tim comes in to lead Bryce away. He asks what they'll do without Bryce, but I'm not sure he says that for any reason except he's not sure what else to say. he interviews that he was sure he could be the next big designer but was not prepared for what this competition would require. I respect that awareness. He says he's going to lock himself in his room, turn on the Gaga and sketch until he has a brilliant collection. WERK!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at jeff.long75@gmail or followed on Twitter at @jblong. Thrilling, I know.

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