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Olivier seems disturbed that he's working with a woman with large breasts. He practically ignores his guy as he ponders the nightmare of the human body. The guys accompany the designers to Mood. Everybody is running around because these ladies have hips and boobs. They make me feel like they're going to be monsters or something. Olivier asks Tim for help with planning for the boobs and he, of course, is no help.

They get back to the workroom and begin to work. The clients remain, which must be difficult. Kimberly tells us how style lines are used on a dress form. That's fun! Bert's guy tells us that he motorboats his wife. On TV. I wonder if the FBI works with people like this. To save them from themselves. Seriously, he says that, much like the Cookie Monster, he's the Booby Monster.

All of the girls come in and they're super cute. Laura's girl says that she wants to be Barbie. She had 15 siblings. Crazy. Booby Monster's guy doesn't seem nearly as out there as he made her sound. They're actually a really sweet couple though and I bet they have a great time together. Viktor's girl is effing cool. She's wearing the silhouette that he has on his dress form! That's crazy. Anthony is trying to recreate the dress that his girl's dude lost. Most of the girls seem really impressed with how their guys lead the challenge. Josh's girl is super conservative. Olivier's girl is a little difficult. Her and her husband together are confusing Olivier with their energy. Though he seems like he might fall on the autism spectrum when speaking with them (I'm not even being glib, he's acting soo uncomfortable), I kind of understand how this is hard for him. Also, I think there might be a little bit of a language barrier.

Bryce tells his girl, who is SO cute, that he doesn't like the color that he bought and is going to try to dye it to make it brighter. Later, he tells the other designers that it's hard being around people who are so much in love because it makes him miss his boyfriend. God. That's really sweet. He gets choked up in the interview talking about how he didn't say anything to Jivan and Janine about his boyfriend, because he knew he'd cry. Can we all just hold hands for a moment? Seriously, don't we want to be with (or glad to have) someone that makes us cry when we talk about them when they're with us? Or to have someone feel that way about us? Listen, I know this is about clothes and it's "reality" television and it's all savage and we're not going to be happy until someone dies ON THE AIR, brutally; but, sometimes, watching people be just people (even if they can't help it -- we all have to be human occasionally, except for maybe, I don't know, Elaine Stritch, who I imagine transcended this bullshit years ago), you see those... moments. And, in contrast with this high stakes circumstance in their lives that they probably all imagine as this literalization of having the brass ring right the fuck in front of you, when every conscious moment they have is spent either doubting themselves or pumping themselves up by whatever means necessary or praying to something -- a moment like Bryce simply and exhaustedly crying because he wants to be near someone who's not there, I don't know. People cry on these shows all of the time, but sometimes there's a tenderness that kind of sets things right. None of this matters. You've got someone who loves you. You have a place in the world, even if it's not at one of those sewing machines. I don't know who I'm turning into right now, but I just found that all remarkably poignant. OK, you can let go of my hand. Did you just smell my hair? Gross. Actually... never mind. You can smell it. That's hotel shampoo. I know. Palm Springs. Miley Cyrus was there at the same time.

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