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Heidi greets the designers who are sitting beside the dudes. She introduces Michael, Nina and guest judge, Malin Akerman. She's so cute. She's been waiting for Cameron Diaz to die for an awfully long time. Laura's dress is first. It's a dark green/blue gown with one shoulder and a beautifully draped lower half. The construction is excellent. Laura is very happy with it. There's a train that falls from the middle of the back and is perfect for a Real Housewife. Kudooos!

Anthony's dress is next. It's a short dress with a v-neck bodice. The skirt is red and the bodice is black, with a red stripe along the v-neck. I don't like the proportion. I can see the vintage influence, but it needs something. I think he could have gone with a little bit off-the-shoulder. As well, the skirt should probably be a little bit longer. And, the styling is kind of blah. She has a really nice figure and is a cute girl and I feel like this doesn't really do her justice. Her body is screaming for some foundation garments, not because she looks bad, but because she's got kind of va-va-voom measurements and there's so much more you could do with that. Instead, he kind of masks her awesome bust in black and gives her a white belt to widen her waist. And, there should be more volume in the skirt to counteract. Or, it should have been a short-sleeved number that hugged all the way to the knees. Hair up, darker eyes. I don't know why I feel so strongly about this one, but if you've already got the vintage inspiration, it seems obvious to me. Anthony wishes there were more him in his dress.

Here's Bert's dress. It's pretty simple in silhouette. A plunging, sleeveless dress that is cinched at the waist and extends to the knees. The fabric is this sort of black on white brocade. Again, he gave the lady what she wanted. It's really well made. But, you know this isn't going to go well. Bert thinks it's awesome and her husband lurves it.

Josh's dress is next and it is pretty simple, which scares him. It's a tulle skirt and sleeveless bodice, but there's some really lovely details with lace at the neck and on the back, which is cut low -- BUT NOT TOO LOW! Josh says that sometimes simplicity is beautiful and high-fashion at the same time. I wonder if Josh will ever visit that intersection ever again, even if it's just to grab some frozen yogurt or something.

Bryce's looks is up. It's a pink dress that's sleeveless and hits the knee. It's belted and has neat cut-outs on the back and pockets in the front. It doesn't fit perfectly and the belting sort of emphasizes that. He should have maybe considered letting it fall a little looser. Pockets would lend themselves to that sort of slouch, right? Her styling is adorable too.

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