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Kimberly's girl is next. She's wearing a short black leather skirt and a red top that is tight on the waist and voluminous at the neck. This cute is super short and curvy and the skirt des her a lot of favors, but I almost feel like the top is swallowing her, though I'm totally digging the deep red color. Her dude is all "Sookie Sookie Now." Kimberly notes that she seems to enjoy wearing the garment and I agree.

Here we have Olivier's girl and, despite all of the doomsaying, it's not horrible. It's a one-shouldered top that is super-tailored and falls at an angle over the hips of some mildy harem-y pants. I understand that's maybe the least astute description of clothing that has ever happened, but that's what I see. I think the styling should maybe be different. Maybe a loose but, instead of the weird side do that's happening. And, she's carrying sunglasses. No. Olivier is not unhappy with it. He loves it. Oh now, she puts the sunglasses on at the end.

Next is Anya's dress. It's a neat white and black print (of course, because Anya can't choose something that's not freaking cool -- I'm not trying to be that guy, she's amazing though and we have to at least be seated near each other at a dinner party one day) that's short in the front and longer and flowing in the back. It's one-shouldered, with a long sleeve. Hmm. I wouldn't normally like that, but I think I do. I certainly love the belt action she has created. It's sort of tribal and precious metal adorned. Also, the idea that the thinnest guy would have the thinnest girlfriend has received some support here today.

Viktor's girl mimes playing the guitar behind the scrim before she enters the runway. And, she's totes rock and roll. She's wearing high-waisted, gray skirt that has a ring of yellow at the bottom. It has several large pleats that are so cute. And, she's wearing a turquoise top that is sheer with a camisole underneath. Cute AND sexy. She looks amazing. It was easy to style her cause she's already badass. Make-up daddy said she had great brows.

After the show, Kimberly, Olivier and Laura are safe and move to the next round! Backstage, Laura is upset that she's not in the top. Olivier is, of course, silent. Bert, Anthony and Bryce are in the bottom leave the runway for the fun times. Backstage, Bert says that he liked where Anya was going but didn't like the one sleeve, which reminded him of a waitress at a tiki tiki lounge. Laura says, "Bert! You're coming out ALL OVER THE PLACE!" Wait, did she just say that? In such a way as to imply that she doesn't speak the shit ever? Whatever.

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