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The Customer Is Always Pink

On the runway, it's Bert's turn to fight. He says that his girl chose the design out of the several sketches that he had made. He says that he likes his dress. Ariana says that she loves it and can't believe they're in the bottom. They laugh about how much her dude, Anthony, loves Ariana's breasts. Heidi says "Ba-da-bing!" and agrees that Ariana's rack is love-worthy. Michael doesn't like it because he thinks it could be purchased anywhere. So, was Bert's mistake drawing the sketch in the first place? Because he was listening to his customer. Malin says that, if her husband were there, she'd probably be wearing something really slutty. Nina thinks it should be a couple of inches longer and Ariana cries, "No!" Heidi says that she has the same problem. Heidi, man. She really vacillates season to season. This year, she's more beautiful than ever and we've seen her be like killer funny at least three times. Somebody's looking for a guest spot on Whitney.

Bryce says that he wanted to give Janine something cute and pink but also tailored. Jivan said they wanted to show off her nice legs and back. God, the timbre in his voice just carries such feeling about her. I HATE MYSELF RIGHT NOW. Nina thinks there are too many details. I don't, except for the belt. Nina thinks she's swallowed by details, but I think she's overstating her case. Malin loves the pockets, but has a small problem with the fit. Heidi thinks that the pockets are too big. Michael and Heidi laugh about how the pockets look like she's going to steal from the buffet. You know, I get that's what we're here for, but I just feel bad that, after all they've done to get here, the designers' work is reduced to little quips that they all laugh at. "Let them eat cake!" Seriously, that's what it's like, them sitting over there in their little director's chairs. I'd wear rocks on that runway. For moments like this.

Anthony explains that he was trying for retro. Malin thinks it looks like a cheerleading outfit. Heidi thinks it looks like a little girl or an old lady. Nina doesn't like the white belt. Michael thinks it looks like "superhero ice skater." Heidi thinks it's safe and boring.

The judges confer. They didn't like Bert's dress, but they did like the fit. And, the customers liked it. Michael thinks that Bert is boring. Malin thought is was "fine." Nina thinks that Bryce's dress was an old lady dress. What? Malin thinks that the fit was the real problem. That's why it shouldn't have been belted! Michael says that it looked like he was trying to make a cocktail dress out of a handi-wipe. WHAT? I don't even understand that! Is he just talking about the construction, which I know he had a problem with? Malin feels that Anthony was fearful in his design. The mix of old lady/little girl disturbs everyone.

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