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Victorya's design, worn by Ory, is next. It's a cute little green cocktail dress. I feel like Victorya's raw materials were a real bitch and she still made something great out of it. Ory's original outfit was this green velvet tunic dress that could not have provided a lot of inspiration. The current version is knee-length, with half-sleeves and a pretty high neck that shows off Ory's collarbone. The bust is made with a non-velvet green fabric, which adds an interesting textural touch to the garment and accents Ory's newly svelte figure. This dress won't be winning any awards, but Victorya really tackled the meat of the challenge. I think she did a great job.

Tracy is next in Elisa's design. The outfit was originally a long red shirt and black slacks; now it's a black dress with a short red jacket. Okay, before I say anything about the dress, I want to say that I know it's all wrong. This woman should not be wearing this. That said, it's a pretty fucking cool outfit. The dress has an asymmetrical skirt that kind of defies gravity and is bunched in weird places, and there's a longer slip that extends beyond the skirt. The jacket and skirt are longer in the back, creating a bustled effect. It's a very bohemian design and does not seem to reflect the client, but it's still really cool. Elisa interviews that Tracy has a wild side, which apparently Elisa's helping get some air. She also says Tracy has an "increased sexuality." She will be making love to her outfit later. Before she leaves the runway, Tracy does these awkward "rock out" signs with her hands that she was clearly prompted to do by someone. Fire that someone, Bravo.

Here comes Alicia in Kit's design. It's a dress with a high waist and a flowing skirt. Melon appears to be the primary color, though the original outfit was a black-and-white print blouse and black slacks. There are panels of the original blouse on the sides of the bodice of the dress, and criss-crossing panels of fabric on the bodice that are very flattering. The skirt is entirely melon, with a crinoline-like underskirt with the pattern of the original blouse that extends below the skirt. Kit likes the dress, but fears that it won't be fashion-forward enough for the judges.

Here's Elyse in Kevin's design. It's a very short dress over black leggings. The dress is strapless. There are three buttons along the front, as well as black stripes that create interest at the waist and accentuate the bust line. Kevin made this from a canary yellow blazer and a black top and pants. Kevin says that everyone was impressed when Elyse came down the runway because she was so confident. He feels like he made her look amazing -- like one of Charlie's Angels. She looks terrific, for sure.

Oh my, it's Steven's turn. Here comes Laura, or her grandmother, wearing a black dress with half-sleeves that end in white cuffs. There are white panels over each shoulder, creating a square neckline. There's also some scalloping at the neckline that's interesting, and…that's it. Otherwise, it's horrendous. It doesn't fit her well and it's SO OLD. I'm having a hard time figuring out who this design would be right for, but it certainly isn't Laura. ["Laura Bennett, maybe, but only if it's fitted properly, which this ain't." -- Sars] Steven says that he's not confident about his outfit. Poor guy, of course he isn't. He says it all got slapped together with "glue and a prayer." One of the two was not strong enough.

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