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What's The Skinny?

Rami's client, Lisa, arrives on the runway. She's wearing a high-waisted brown skirt and a white satin top. The top is sleeveless with a plunging neckline. It's super flattering, especially the skirt, which emphasizes her pert bottom and skinny waist. Rami says that a different side of Lisa came out on the runway. He must mean the odd, bouncy side who poses HARD with her big smile at the end of the runway. Weird. Rami likes what he put together, and notices that Lisa feels very confident in it.

All of the designers are onstage when Heidi starts calling names. Steven (I guess we know which group she's calling), Christian, Chris, Kevin, Jillian, and Elisa. The others are free to leave. The models return and stand by the remaining designers.

Heidi asks Elyse, Kevin's model, how she feels in her outfit. She loves it. She'd walk out wearing it if she could. Gap Patrick, whose hair is big and amazing, says that Elyse seemed very confident. Nina seconds this. Michael feels that the leggings weren't very imaginative, but he loves the rest of the outfit.

Elisa is asked to explain her design and she says that, since Tracy is a mom, she wanted to create a "day trousseau" for her. Fancy. Heidi asks Tracy how she feels, and she says that she feels "wonderful." That's not good enough for Heidi. She says that it doesn't look like Tracy -- she should be wearing something more classic. "Tell me more about myself, Heidi Klum," housewife and dieting mom Tracy is thinking right now. Patrick says that a designer has to make sure not to force his or her ideas onto a client. Michael thinks that the choppiness of Elisa's outfit was not flattering to Tracy. Nina agrees with all the criticisms. The outfit is very "Elisa," not so much "Tracy."

Heidi points out that Jillian didn't use the raw materials for her dress. Instead, she made it with $10 in supplies, which is almost even more impressive. Michael thinks it's a sexy dress, yet not inappropriate. Patrick likes the "hint of a corset" created by the black stripe on the dress. Nina wishes that Jillian had used the original shirt, but she thinks Erika looks sexy and tasteful.

Oh no, it's Steven's turn. He tells them that he used the wedding dress for the sleeves, the neckline, and the string of pearls that she's wearing. Michael says the dress left him speechless. Nina says he took his client from a wedding to a funeral. Michael thinks that Steven had really interesting fabric, but he reminds them that it was white polyester. But the beading was interesting, and Michael thinks he should have been able to make something from it. Nina thinks the black was a poor choice -- she looks like a French maid. Or a French maid at a funeral, says Michael. Der.

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