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What's The Skinny?

Kevin is in. Chris is in. Go take a nap! Elisa is told that her look was more about her than her client. Steven turned a joyful wedding dress into a French maid outfit that was boring and clichéd. Ouch. He looks really cute when he's getting insulted. I know, I know. It's weird. I felt the same way about French Stewart. It's not something I'm particularly proud of. I'm just telling the truth. Anyway, Steven's out. Elisa seems stunned, and leaves the runway. Steven quietly leaves the runway also. He hugs Jillian backstage. Tim says that they will miss Steven terribly, but it's time for him to clean up his shit. Steven interviews that he's not sure if he will become a recluse a la Greta Garbo. Huh? He doesn't know where he'll end up. You know, he was fun to have around. I think I'll miss him.

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