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What's The Skinny?

At Parsons, Heidi greets all of the designers. She's wearing a tight black top with a black-and-white houndstooth skirt. She looks like she's wearing Bear Bryant's hat on her ass. I don't like it. She says that before she tells them about their challenge, she will bring out their models. Then we see what appears to be the silhouette of a samurai warrior behind the runway scrim. The music gets all ominous, and the designers seem a little freaked; Christian looks actually physically afraid. Sweet P interviews that she thought it was a "crazy fairy princess" or a transvestite. Those things aren't really similar at all.

Then a lady walks onto the runway in a blindingly white, really huge wedding dress. Seriously. Other ladies, also wearing big clothes, follow her. Jillian remarks that the clothes are "tremendous" and they're hanging on the women. Steven interviews that, at first, he thought maybe the models were the sisters or mothers of the other designers. Then he realized that he didn't know any of the women. Surprise! Today, Steven, you're being reunited with your real mother! She's the one in the David Byrne blazer!

Heidi says that the women onstage will be the models for the challenge, and the designers have probably noticed that they're wearing oversized clothing. The clothes don't fit because each of the women has recently lost a significant amount of weight. The clothes that they're wearing were their favorite outfits before they lost the weight. Okay, this could be cool. God knows I love a makeover. Heidi has the women introduce themselves; they tell their names and how much weight they lost. Laura, the wedding dress lady, has lost 136 pounds. Holy crap. The designers are appropriately impressed by this. Sylvia has lost 58 pounds. Erica has lost 60 pounds. You just had to show up Sylvia, didn't you? Tracy has lost 102 pounds. Elyse has lost 48 pounds. Sweet P gives such a huge reaction to each of these. I mean, if I lost 136 pounds, I'd want people's jaws to drop too. I don't feel like she's putting on at all, and I really like Sweet P for this. Lisa has lost 56 pounds. Penny has lost 65. Kerry has lost 45 pounds, and actually doesn't look particularly happy to be here. Ory has lost 139 pounds, and apparently the rest of her name. Alicia has lost 160 freaking pounds. Chris has lost 100 pounds. Naturally, the women all seem thrilled with their weight loss. Heidi says, "All right, I think we have to have a big applause for all these women."

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