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What's The Skinny?

The challenge? Heidi says that the designers have to make new outfits for the women, using their old clothes as raw materials. Kevin seems immediately excited. "I love it" are his exact words. Christian interviews that, holy shit, he's going to die. This is so not him at all. Not fierce enough for you, Christian? Heidi has the button bag, and will start with Laura in the wedding dress to determine which designer is with which woman. I like this -- it's uncomfortable when they get to choose from normal people. Most of these ladies were probably chosen last for the kickball team their whole lives; like they need to be judged on Project Runway.

Before Heidi pulls out the first button, Kevin interviews that everyone was anxious to see who would get the lady in the wedding dress, because the look of the dress was really "weird." And the wedding dress goes to…Steven. Normally, I'd say this was perfect -- weird look with weird designer. Steven doesn't seem happy, though. Getting the wedding dress felt like "death on a stick." The mannequins are like, "You got a problem with things on a stick?"

Sylvia is with Jack. Erica is with Jillian. Tracy is with Elisa. Elyse is with Kevin. All of the designers are giving very nice smiles to their models. Lisa is with Rami. Penny is with Ricky. Kerry is with Christian. Ory is with Victorya. Alicia is with Kit. That leaves Chris for Sweet P. The models leave the runway, and the designers go to the workroom to get some more details from Tim. Seriously, Jack's face looks really fucked up. In addition to what I think have been one or more cosmetic procedures performed on his mug (Botox? Permanent eyeliner? Cheek implants?), this infection is doing a real number on the poor guy. He looks kind of like a duck right now. Jack Quackenworth.

In the workroom, Tim tells them that they will have until midnight that evening to work. Then he notices that Chris March left a note on his dress form for all of the other designers. "Sweet and wonderful Chris," Tim calls him. Here's what it read: "To All-- 'I had this incredible dream that I went to a faraway place -- It was beautiful. And you, and you, and you were there. Still, all I kept saying is, I want to go home. And they sent me here…' Keep Going! -- Chris And to Tim Gunn -- Thanks for being a guardian angel on Earth." Wow, that's really dear. At around the time this episode was airing, I was at Carnegie Hall to see Kiki & Herb's holiday show. As I was taking off my coat, I looked up in the mezzanine and saw Chris sitting there. He wasn't talking to anyone and just staring ahead, so I was thinking, "Poor Chris." The show was good, except Kiki flubbed so many lines that I'm worrying that she has early-onset Alzheimer's. I saw Rufus Wainwright there too! Anyway: Tim reads the letter aloud (omitting the little postscript to himself), and by the end of it, Sweet P is crying. Tim says that Chris will be missed, but that the eliminations will only get harder.

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