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What's The Skinny?

Tim tells the designers that their design for the challenge needs to be suitable for everyday wear, and also express the designer's point of view. They all get thirty minutes to work with their models. The ladies come in, and there's a lot of excitement. Penny tells Ricky that she feels like a little kid. Victorya, who seems colder and colder all the time, says without looking at Ory that they want to create something that shows off Ory's figure. Ory says that she would like something that gives her length, though she already looks pretty tall. She seems nervous around Victorya. I would be too. Victorya interviews that when designing for "normal" women, the rules of design are completely different. I'm starting to find that sentiment a little annoying. Fine, when you're designing for a fashion model, there are certain things that you don't have to worry about, but a bad outfit can make even a model-perfect body look lumpy or imperfect. It's like they don't want to admit that it's their clothes that will look bad if they eff it up. Instead, it's because the model was "normal." Your clothes can still suck on a skinny girl, Victorya. Ory holds up her dress, which dwarfs her, and tells Victorya that she has a lot to work with.

Kevin is working with Elyse, and she says it's "scary" to be in her old clothes. Kevin interviews that he is so excited for this challenge; he loves to make clothes for real people. I believe him. They're trying to be nice, but some of the other designers are talking to their clients like they've got shit on their shoes.

Elisa wants to make Tracy look sexy and beautiful. She describes what she's going for with some non-words like "fwah." Tracy seems pretty amused by her, though, so I think we have a good match-up. Elisa interviews that challenges like this are what excite her about fashion.

Here's Christian working with Kerry. He interviews that she gave him a ton of stipulations. They are as follows: no prints, no colors, no dresses, no skirts, no arms showing. She wears jeans and a black top every day. Ouch. Christian says he is very scared because Kerry doesn't like anything. Christian doesn't really appear to have a soul to me sometimes. ...All the time. He coolly tells Kerry that they'll be fine.

Steven is fucked. He clearly has no idea what to do with this wedding dress, and this is before he has said a single word. Sitting with Laura, he just kind of describes the dress. Like, "Buttons." And "Here's a zipper." He's lost his words. Poor Steven. It's hard too, because even if a woman is looking much different and better, you can't really tell her that her wedding dress is a disaster. Steven is having problems creating an everyday piece out of white polyester satin that's sequined and beaded and covered in acetate lace. Understandable. Laura says she wishes him well, and he laughs that he will indeed need her well wishes.

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