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What's The Skinny?

Tim and Jack return, and Tim has everyone gather round. Jack is crying pretty hard at this point. God, my heart is kind of breaking for him. This must suck so huge. Tim says that Jack has something to say to them, and Jack explains that he has this infection and needs to have it treated. Wow, this is really sad. Practically all the designers are crying. Jack says the show is the most fun that he has ever had, but he just doesn't feel comfortable being there anymore. He interviews that he was upset about not being able to continue this wonderful experience. He gets big hugs from everyone, and sweet Jesus his lip is so swollen. Jack hopes to develop further what he has learned there. Then we see him walk down the hallway of Parsons, away from the workroom, as the audio of his crying can still be heard. That's horrible.

In the workroom, everyone is sad but keeps working. Kit interviews that it was hard to keep working while emotional. Then, I want to kill myself: Ricky is wearing high heels, and making tight lady jeans. Apparently he's the same size as his model, and he's still wearing his kicky chapeau. I seriously want to disembowel Ricky right now, I'm having such a reaction to what he's wearing. He says he just wants to see how the jeans look with heels, but I think he's just an attention whore. Not that all these people aren't, but COME ON. He just seems like such a simp. I can't stand it. Ricky interviews that he wants to give his client a new outlook on who she is, because isn't that what clothing does for people? Yes, especially disguises. I wear heels, jeans, and a stupid hat when I want people to think I'm a whiny fashion designer. Whatever, he's voicing a lovely sentiment. I'm just stuck in some weird hate spiral with him.

With six hours remaining in the day, Tim Gunn enters and asks everyone to gather round. He tells them their clients are there for a fitting -- but he has another surprise for them. In the interests of keeping the show as competitive as possible, they've brought back -- Chris March! Chris enters, and everyone is ecstatic. Kevin interviews that Chris has a laugh that makes you smile, and we get a sample. It is a sweet laugh, if high-pitched and startling. There's been a lot of discussion about whether it was fair to bring back Chris; I've heard some people say he was eliminated for his design, so why should he be brought back? I get that. But I think the producers want whoever wins this challenge to have competed against ten other designers, instead of being one step closer to the finish line solely because one guy got sick. Anyway, so much for Chris looking sad at Carnegie Hall! Maybe he was sad because we weren't at home watching. We have DVR, Chris! It was a concert hall full of gays, what do you think we did when we got home? Sweet P is thrilled that Chris is back, and says simply, "I love him."

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