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What's The Skinny?

Since Chris is getting such a late start, Tim says, he will have the option of working through the night. Ouch. He was just eliminated. He's probably still functioning on zero sleep.

The clients enter for their fittings. We see Chris and Sylvia meet. Chris interviews that he found the challenge interesting because he has dieted an awful lot. He says that he calculated it, and he has lost and gained 1500 pounds in his life. Wow.

Rami's model seems really excited about his progress. Kit, meanwhile, has made a dress of her model's elastic slacks. It looks really cute so far. Christian decides to take in his model's jeans and crop the legs. He suggests to her that they pad her butt, because he's not a miracle worker and can't make her have an ass. That's so slyly complimentary. Anyone would love to hear that. Except, of course, people who are self-conscious about having skinny bottoms. I don't understand those people, though.

Steven's model asks him why he chose black material, and he answers, "Black is what I do." Steven interviews that the fitting is going well and he may actually be done on time. He doesn't sound completely convinced, though. Like, he's only sure if what he's saying is possible, not if it's true. "Am I lying?"

After the models leave, everyone starts sewing. Chris asks Steven what he's working with and he dramatically reveals the wedding dress, which gets a big laugh from Chris. "Can I have it?" Chris asks. That's a funny thought. Chris might actually be the only one of the designers who would have big ideas for the wedding dress, but I have a feeling they would be absurdly over the top. Like, his model would be some angel flamenco dancer. Kit tries on the dress and says that she feels like the Corpse Bride.

Couple of questions: Why would someone allow their wedding dress to get all chopped up for a TV show? Don't people usually cherish those? All the designers think it's hideous and made of crappy fabric, but Laura wore it as her favorite outfit. So, ostensibly she doesn't think it's gross, yet she's going to let it be destroyed. I suppose she's hoping for a really amazing new outfit in return, but that's a pretty big chance to take with your wedding dress. And who's to say that she would even get to keep it? Also, isn't Steven working on a COMPLETELY different challenge than the others? I think he's not showing much imagination in repurposing the gown, but it's much easier to make an everyday outfit out of something that was already an everyday outfit than it is to make one out of a tacky wedding dress. It almost seems unfair. Chris thinks that he could make a million great things with the dress.

Victorya asks Sweet P how she's doing, and she says that she's sewing too fast. Victorya replies that it would be great if she had that problem. That was kind of friendly and sweet. Maybe Victorya's not as icy as she has seemed prior to now.

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