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Tim enters and says that he's sending in their clients. They will have two hours to fit their models and send them through the hair and make-up machines. Rami tells his model that her waist looks tiny. Alicia tells Kit that the dress she has made is something she would buy on her own. Kevin thinks Elyse looks fantastic in his outfit, and he feels like he has a good chance of winning the competition.

Jillian says that she thinks it's pretty clear she didn't use the material from her client's outfit to make her garment, and she thinks the judges will know, but she also thinks she'll get respect for making a great-looking dress.

Christian is really happy with his outfit. He interviews that he thinks it's one of the best. He says that Chris's outfit is "pure costume." Steven's is "god-awful hideous." Elisa's is also "god-awful hideous." Then he says that thing about the judges might die over it or they might die because of it. Hasn't he already said that? I'm sure he has. That's annoying. Stop saying that.

Elisa says that Tim was worried about her outfit, but her client really liked it. She says that the client is the "ultimate judge." That's the sort of thing we say when we think we're about to be eliminated.

Shit. Ricky interviews, while crying, that working with Penny has reminded him why he works in fashion. In the workroom, we see her tell him that she feels really good about herself, and he immediately starts spraying tears out of his head. "Thank you." I CAN'T TAKE HIM ANYMORE. Dead to me.

Kevin offers to help Steven because his garment is so unfinished. Then he does something he says he has never done before -- he uses glue on the hem. He interviews that it made him sick to his stomach. When Tim comes to the workroom to get the designers, Steven's still not finished. Victorya helps him finish, too! Okay, I take back what I said about her. She's misunderstood. Commercials.

The question of the week is as follows: "Which designer from a past season would you want to return?" A) Daniel Vosovic, B) Jay McCarroll, C) Laura Bennett, D) Santino Rice. Hmm; I only know that I wouldn't say B. The rest would be cool to have back.

On the runway, Heidi arrives, wearing a mini-dress that I think is pretty damn ugly. It's a pattern that almost looks like faux bois crossed with jungle, both of which are personal unfavorites of mine. You're in or you're out. She introduces Michael, Nina, and Patrick Robinson, who is head designer for the Gap.

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