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What's Your Line?

In the workroom, Tim Gunn greets the designers. He tells them that he's taking them to 7th on Sixth, the company that runs Olympus Fashion Week. Fern Mallis (what a great name, right?), the executive director of Fashion Week, is going to have a little Q & A with the designers.

At the offices of 7th on Sixth, the designers sit with Tim and Fern at a boardroom table. Fern explains that, as she is curating the shows that will be in the tents at Fashion Week, she looks for designers with unique points of view.

Santino asks if people remember the bad elements of a collection more than the good parts. Fern seems perplexed by this question and answers, "I think they've been pretty well trained to remember the good stuff. " Daniel asks for common beginner's mistakes and she says, ahem, "I can't ever underestimate being nice." Daniel, in an interview, says that, when he heard Fern say this, he shot an "I told you so" look to Santino. He did tell him so. Fern continues, "It doesn't help to be a bitch and to be nasty."

It's not clear if Santino's next statement is in direct response to Fern's advice, but he says, "You can't be nice all of the time." I really love that. It's like, you know, nobody's perfect! "I wanna win this competition. Olympus Fashion Week is the Super Bowl of American fashion." Conversely, the Super Bowl would be the Fashion Week of American sports. Now I get it! I'd always wondered why there was so much fuss about some fancy new commercials surrounded by a football game. Instead, though, it's like the commercials are gift bags and the game is the part where you see really strange combinations of celebrities sitting together.

Fern bids the designers farewell, and they head back to Parsons and begin sketching. Chloe says that her dress (and therefore her line) will be an homage to 1940s Hollywood glamour. Kind of clichéd. Agreed? She does add in an interview that she wants "clean lines, nothing messy." That sounds more like what is interesting about her, but I'm a little worried about her. How MANY times have you heard the old "Hollywood glamour" bit? Done to death.

Daniel is a little more evocative in his description. He wants a "high-impact" look for the runway, which involves a high slit and flowing fabrics. It will also be body conscious, which he declares is "something [he is] kind of known for."

Santino's theme is "Hollywood" and "glamorous." You know the answer you gave for "How many times you've heard 'Hollywood glamour'"? Add one to that. I mean, I love Hollywood glamour too, but…what does that mean anymore? People have been saying that non-stop for years, so you're not "throwing back" to anything. You're reinterpreting the same thing that people are continuously reinterpreting. I guess you could make the argument that Hollywood is a rich enough theme to keep on revisiting, but why make it so hard for yourself? Just pick something else as a theme. It doesn't mean that someone in Hollywood can't wear your dress.

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