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Once they are seated, we hear Santino say, "It's really unfortunate how fickle Nick became with me. I heard Nick say, 'Well at least my garment's not taped together or whatever.' Everybody's fucking garment was fucked up." Daniel replies, "No, it wasn't." Santino thinks that his was better anyway. Daniel replies, childishly if effectively, "Well, I just think you're lucky that they have bad eyesight, that's all." Santino is kind of stunned, because I don't think anyone has actually ever dished out what he's been serving this whole time. Santino, though interesting and arguably a very talented designer, seems like one of those people who disarm you with their crudeness. They put on this big show of how brash they are and don't expect anyone to ever call them on their bullshit. Maybe he's misunderstood, but I don't think so. We just hear him kind of stammer and reply to Daniel, "Whatever."

Daniel interviews that he thinks it's "sad" that Santino constantly touts the high quality of his designs, though they fall apart on the runway. He tells Santino that he can't sew. Santino just says, "Whatever," and walks away. Point, Daniel. Commercials.

The next morning, Santino says that he's not going to feel bad and Daniel's just jealous and "I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say." Hmm. It looked to me like he couldn't handle what Daniel was saying, not the other way around. And: Daniel's jealous. Crazy. But Santino is making up his bed as we hear all of that. At least he's tidy. There's an uncomfortable moment at the bathroom as the two boys have weird eye contact. Daniel interviews that Santino seems like a "one-trick pony" to him and he hopes that the judges see through it. The gloves are off and these bitches got nails. For some reason, there's something really chilling about how they are dealing with each other. It's kind of satisfying.

At Parsons, Santino says that he needs to do his best. Tim arrives to consult. Kara, though indecisive, seems to be going through with the racer back for her evening gown. Reminds me of the time that Demi Moore wore biker shorts to the Oscars. Why don't people do shit like that anymore? Kim Basinger in the one-armed gown she MADE HERSELF? Those were the fucking halcyon days, my friends. When Lara Flynn Boyle in a tutu is the high-water mark for an entire decade, you know you're in a boring time. Tim tells Daniel that his design is looking "very Marlene Dietrich," which is a bad thing because Daniel wants his design to look modern, not period. Daniel interviews that he's aiming for a sort of sophistication that could work for someone who was twenty or fifty years old. Tim is not liking Chloe's design. He tells her that it looks like "a swimsuit with a towel wrapped around it." She seems to be standing by her idea, which she should know by now is the wrong thing to do. Always listen to Tim Gunn. I hope she's just playing it cool and makes some changes once he's gone.

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