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What's Your Line?

Tim loves Santino's design, but he's worried about it being finished in time. Santino says that he doesn't care what Tim has to say, because his design is different from everyone else's. "And different is better."

Tim has a surprise for the designers. Iman is going to be the guest judge! She will be wearing the winning gown "on the red carpet at a big event." Everyone is really excited, and interviews about how they love Iman. Daniel says, "I can't wait to hear her talk. I love her voice." That's the kind of thing I love about Daniel.

Daniel says that he wants to win very badly, because it would jumpstart their careers. Chloe corrects him, "For you it would be jumpstarting your career." Apparently, she already has a pretty successful dress shop in Houston, so her career has already been jumpstarted. Then she says, "I'm still questioning whether I want it." Everyone, including the viewing audience, is stunned. "Then what the hell are you doing there?" one might ask. Now, I'm seeing some pissed-off eliminated designers at the reunion show. Kirsten Ehrig's gonna be all, "The whole world might have been able to see my ridiculous swimsuits had you not been standing in my way." Chloe continues, "I lived that life. It's a hard life." Daniel explains that Chloe isn't sure that she wants to be a celebrity.

Chloe interviews that she moved to New York when she was twenty and worked really hard. She moved back to Houston to have a balanced life. I mean, I guess I can understand that. She mentions that her sisters are going to slap her when they hear her expressing doubt. They might have been the people that pushed her into this competition in the first place. She adds that, now that she's close to the final three, she's freaking out.

Here's a scurry montage. Tim comes in and tells them that they are going on a field trip for their dinner break. It's raining outside and we see Tim and Daniel sharing an umbrella. That's cute. They go to the nightclub, Suede. Heidi greets them. It's a party. Their models are there, as well as Jay, Kara Saun, and Austin from the first season. Austin, what are you wearing?

Okay, Kara says the fucking weirdest thing to describe the party. It goes a little like this: "We just kind of sizzled down, with, you know, a little sizzler." What the HELL does that mean? Is that something you say in Cape Town? "Hey guys, come to my sizzler! Bring your own sizzlers!" I'm desperate to know what on earth she's talking about.

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