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What's Your Line?

The next morning, Kara asks Chloe if she's ready to rumble. Kara interviews that she is not sure if Chloe is passionate about her career.

In the workroom, they all get to work. Kara needs a little help getting her dress form out of the corner, and Santino won't help her. He's being really silly, honestly. So, she lugs the thing, which is about as big as she is, across the room and says, "Santino, sometimes you can be such a dick." Santino interviews that he couldn't help Kara because he was running the risk of wasting all of his time helping people instead of making "a very impressive outfit."

Tim enters and tells Chloe that he's disappointed. He thinks that the gown hugs the backside, but Chloe says that she wanted that. That's okay with Tim as long as she is prepared to say, "Nina, I wanted her to look like she had a big fat ass." I think this guy is a little bit over these people not taking his advice.

Tim is unhappy with Kara's gown as well. He says that there is nothing special about hers and Chloe's gowns. He seems to be fine with Daniel's dress. He tells Santino that his dress looks like a costume from the "Renaissance Fest." They show a little shot of Chloe smiling at that. I love it when they show the designers laughing at the criticism that another designer gets. I thought it was rude at first, but it has really grown on me. They've all become kind of nakedly honest about each other. I don't need it in the real world, but I like it in my reality television. Tim continues with Santino, saying that he has departed from his impossibly unique vision of "Hollywood glamour" and needs to get back to it. Geez, I think I might be more on the side of "Renaissance Fair" right now. They have an hour to get their models ready for the runway.

Santino says that he hopes that Michael Kors wasn't eavesdropping on Tim's consultation, so he can't say at the runway, "I don't know where you guys live, but it's like you guys live in a Renaissance Fair." Perfect Michael Kors. Why is he so good at that stuff?

Hair. Make-up. Scurry. Techno.

Chloe assures all of us in an interview that she does really want to be in the final three. Tim summons them to the runway. Commercials.

Oh my God, there's that fucking infuriating Dr. Phil "Guy Q" ad. Is it just me or is Dr. Phil like the biggest whore in the world now?

Heidi greets all of the designers on the runway. Haircut alert! Looking good, Mama. She introduces Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Iman. I do love me some Iman. Heidi reminds the designers that Iman will wear the winning designer's dress at a red carpet event.

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