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What's Your Line?

They move on to Daniel. He says that, with his design, he wanted to show his clean, sophisticated style. Now, listen to Iman. She wanted to see something different. Do you know what she means? Daniel replies that making a beautiful dress is something that he does with great ease. Nina agrees that the dress is beautifully made, but she wonders again if the dress proves that Daniel's show at Fashion Week wouldn't be boring. Daniel says, "Do you consider this boring?" Oh yes, she does. But first, she considers it safe.

Santino says that, for his gown, he thought of a story about a designer who was held hostage and required to make beautiful dresses for an ambitious -- "diva." Are you listening to Iman? She says it's about a diva. Santino agrees. I can see Heather's belly button through that dress. Somebody needs to give the hostage a good flogging. Nina says that the dress is the most "editorial" of the bunch. She adds, though, that at a certain point creativity becomes a "joke." Iman adds -- are you listening? -- that a dress has to be elegant to be wearable. Michael Kors then says that he gets the whole "bad boy" thing that Santino is working, but he thinks that Santino is like, "I'm smarter than all of you. I know you're going to say that there's too much shit all over this dress, but I'm gonna do it anyway to prove my point." I really liked Michael Kors just then. Not for being nasty or anything, but for kind of hitting the nail on the head. Santino works too much in opposition to everyone. What's he going to do when he's designing in a room, alone, without anyone for whom he can show off?

Chloe says that the 1940s were her inspiration. Michael points out the sewing errors in Chloe's design. He doesn't see what Chloe's point of view is. All of you, listen to Iman. She says that a "definitive point of view helps." And Michael is, sadly, "underwhelmed." That's never fun.

Now, Heidi pulls a really mean trick and makes Chloe name the person she thinks should be eliminated. She says that, though he is a "genius," Santino isn't technically gifted and should be eliminated. Santino says that Daniel and Kara are both very creative people and that he’s not "wowed" by people with pattern-making skills who aren't necessarily good designers; he says he would "take" Daniel and Kara, so that must mean Chloe, even though the question was who you'd eliminate and he doesn't exactly answer that question. Daniel chooses (surprisingly, to me) Chloe, because she already has a successful business and doesn't need this opportunity as much as the others. Kara chooses Chloe as well, for not the clearest of reasons. Heidi asks Chloe what she thinks about being chosen by two of them. She says that if she didn't want this badly, she wouldn't be there.

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