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Next up is Jerell's design. It's a high-waisted, floor-length skirt in houndstooth. There are little panels, almost like gills, on the hips of the skirt. It's interesting. It's paired with a shimmering gold camisole. On top is a jacket that rounds the silhouette and has a peacock print. Jerell says that Sagittarius is fun-loving, just like him.

Here's Leanne's design. It looks like a red cocktail dress with a loose silhouette and a low back that was overpowered by some sort of black armor that protruded from the dress. It reminds me of the Batmobile in The Dark Knight, which is a good thing. The armor protrudes in arcing scales and surrounds the models head. It's very cool. Leanne thinks it's strong and structured and very avant-garde.

Rayon's look is next. It's a pantsuit in blues. The top is a camisole covered by transparent chiffon with long sleeves that bell at the cuff. There are bells of fabric hanging from the shoulders in the back. It's pretty, but it's kind of dated. It's something Lauren Bacall would have worn in Applause. Rayon thinks it's light and airy and sophisticated. Jerry is glad that Rayon listened to him.

Korto and Jerell and Leanne and Joe are asked to step forward. One of them will be the winner. They have to leave the runway right now though. The models return for the losers. Blayne explains that he wanted to play with scale. Nina thinks it looks haphazard. Blayne says that they hand-sewed everything. She thinks the bizquik going on near her hoo-ha is a "monster." Blayne thinks it's interesting but Costa says that it wasn't effective. He thinks it looks like a costume. Heidi says it's not pretty and asks the model to turn around. Ouch. It's so horrible. Michael pulls a Heidi and says that, "she is pooping fabric." This is tickling him. He says that he likes odd beauty, but this is just odd.

Terri explains that she wanted to create something that represented the heat of the fire sign. She says that she took away the fur because it looked like The Wiz. Michael says that because Terry is a Sagittarius and Keith is a Leo, they should have worked perfectly together. Keith rolls his eyes and Michael asks what the problem was. They start bickering and Michael stops them and says that they will never have serious careers until they learn to collaborate. He thinks it looks like "voodoo princess in hell." And, holy shit, Terri's model says, "Oh my God" and starts laughing. Wrong move. Costa says there's no strength to the design, which I find odd. Terri says that she is shocked to hear the comments. Her and me both. Was Joe's design really better than this? Michael says that she pushed the envelope but lost her taste.

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