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Korto, Leanne, and Kenley are getting ready in the other girls' apartment. Leanne says that they are the only apartment with three winners in it. Kenley, sporting a yellow flower in her hair, says that she's feeling very confident. She says that she's going to win the competition. No she isn't.

At Parson's, Heidi greets everyone on the runway. Karalyn and Kendall are brought out for the model-choosing. Kendall looks like she's already been crying a little bit. I like a little passion in my models, sorry that you're about to get kicked off. If there's anything we've learned this season, these designers are pretty loyal to their model when they win a competition. And, she does indeed stick with Karalyn. Kendall sniffs and leaves the stage. Godspeed, K!

Heidi says that she has some "special guests" for this challenge. Let's bring them out. Rayon says he's suspect of Heidi saying that there would be multiple guests. And, it's the eliminated designers from this season. Didn't see that one coming from a mile away, or rather, previews 7 days in advance of this airing away. Terri interviews, "You were sent home. When it's over it's over." I'm sure they didn't petition the producers to be brought back and I'm sure Terri's smart enough to know that. What's going on here? Jerell interviews that it's good to see them, but it depends on what they're here for.

Heidi explains that each of the remaining designers will be teamed with an eliminated designer to create an avant-garde look. Jerell interviews that this news makes him feel better because he can pull an avant-garde look out of his ass all by himself. I would imagine that anything pulled from someone's ass and then worn would certainly be avant-garde. It ain't Ann Taylor, that's for sure. Heidi says that this is not an opportunity for the eliminated designers to get back into the competition. They are merely performing as assistants. Kenley says that she usually works alone, so she's concerned about who she might be paired with.

The designers convene in the workroom where Tim Gunn is waiting. He tells them that their avant-garde look has to be inspired by the astrological sign of one of the two people in each team. That's interesting. Joe interviews that he's happy to have some direction, because being told simply to make an avant-garde design...well, that could be anything. For instance, you could take a sock and put it over your head and call it avant-garde. Really, Joe? Tell me, America, is this what your next big fashion designer looks like? Well, I just checked out the Schott Brothers' stuff and some of it's actually pretty awesome, so book/cover/lesson learned.

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