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Stella schools Blayne on what his sign means. She tells him that Libra is an air sign. Also, they believe in justice and equality. So much like Blayne. The colors for Libra are ivory, pink, and turquoise. Perfect for Blayne. He's psyched. Korto and Kelli are going with Korto's sign, Aquarius. Korto says they are going to try to reflect the flow and color of water. The TV screen tells us that Aquarius is "The Water Bearer" and its colors are silver, aqua, and purple. Traits are unconventional and eccentric.

Kenley and Wesley are going to go with Aquarius too. Kenley thinks that the traits are perfect for her design aesthetic. She tells Wesley that the signs are accurate -- she really is an Aquarius. Jennifer and Jerell are looking at the dossier and learning about what it means to be a Sagittarius. Positive, adventurous, carefree, fun-loving. Jerell says, "Hey, I'm me. What can I say?" Does anyone like watching him? I'm just wondering. Sagittarius is what they are going with. The sign is "The Archer" and its colors are maroon, tan, and orange. Jennifer is sketching for Jerell and telling him that they could work the arrow angle of The Archer. Maybe we'll finally see some of this surrealism that she was always talking about.

Aries, "The Ram," has colors of red and white. Its traits are assertive and competitive, thank you very much. Once, in college, this girl said to me, "You're not Aries. You don't seem violent at all." So, I gave her a fat lip and ended that discussion. Daniel suggests to Joe that they emphasize the horns of a ram. They're all talking mighty literally about these signs, aren't they? Except for Leanne. We hear her tell Emily that she doesn't want to be like, "I drew a scorpion." They're going with Emily's sign, Scorpio, "The Scorpion." Its colors are maroon and black. The traits are determined and emotional. Leanne says that Libra is all about balance and that's really not her (told you), so they're going to use Emily's sign. She thinks it would be really stupid for them to have a model walking down the runway holding scales. Can you imagine? Blayne can. He thinks that it would be really great if they played with scale, say, have the model walking down the runway holding scales. Love it.

At Mood, Kenley is as bossy as shit with Wesley. She interviews that he takes direction very well. Good for him. Terri chooses Keith's sign to work with, Leo. The colors are gold and orange. The traits are risk-taking and proud. Keith tells her to give him some direction. She interviews that he's having problems grasping the concept. Keith interviews that Terri wants to do a faux fur piece and he's all, "Don't use faux fur." Care to elaborate, Keith? He thinks it's like creating a lion costume and that it won't work.

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