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Back at the workroom, all of the designer have a little inspiration card at each of their worktables. Rayon and Jerry have chosen Jerry's sign, Libra. "The Scales." Jerry explains a sketch for Rayon. They are going to make a chiffon jumpsuit. Sounds positively revolutionary. Terri is telling Keith that she doesn't want to trace. Girl just likes to cut. She interviews that Keith's skill level is not where hers is -- she doesn't know what she's going to do. He suggests to her that she cut the pieces and he'll do all of the machine sewing. "You won't even have to touch a sewing machine." Doesn't sound like a horrible offer. But, Terri responds, "Oh, I'm touching a sewing machine." Whatever she wants, Keith says. Then, he asks her to be fragile with him. He reminds us in his interview that he was recently sent home and that's difficult for him. He tells Terri that he's trying to think of how she can get the most out of him being there. She interviews that perhaps he can count the pins that fall on the floor. Well, that doesn't sound like much help at all. I think we're having a bit of a breakdown in communication here. Truthfully, Terri's being a bit hard. But, she's not being impossible. Together though, it's not working.

Everybody's busy at work. Daniel and Joe are inspired by the ram of Aries and have started draping. Jerry interviews that he has won awards for avant-garde design. It should be something new and exciting that the audience hasn't seen before. Kenley shows her design to Stella and tells her that she will "freak out" when she sees what she's going to do. She says that Aquarius is very strong and progressive, like her. Leanne interviews that Kenley is "insanely overconfident." She's being really loud and annoying about it. In the workroom, she tells Emily that Kenley never shuts up, which Kenley can kind of see. She's at her table with Daniel and she says that she can't stand it when people talk shit right in front of her. She interviews that she can see Leanne and Emily rolling their eyes. Have you considered that's because you never shut the fuck up? Of course you haven't considered that. She says that she's just having fun and "some girls don't like that." Yeah, it's a girl thing. Can I just say something? That whole type of girl who thinks they are so cool and that's why other women hate them? Try taking a look inside every once in a while. Not saying you're wrong or anything, but sometimes -- all of the other women in the world are right.

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