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With 2 and a half hours left in the day, Tim enters. Blayne describes their idea for Tim. It's like Libra is nude but then she starts to sprout the situation and she's got leather straps on that are teaching you the rules. I actually liked hearing it, but it looks absolutely nonsensical written down. Tim tells them to make sure there is cohesion in the design with all of the different ideas. When Tim walks away, Blayne says that it went well. Stella corrects him and says that she thinks Tim didn't get them. Jerell and Jennifer present their Sagittarius idea to Tim. He has serious issues with the houndstooth that they are using for their skirt. He feels that it looks schoolmarm-ish. They stick by the design though and Tim says that it will either win the competition or crash and burn. After he's gone, Jerell convinces himself that you can't play it safe. Jennifer weakly chimes in, "It's avant-garde."

Leanne describes her idea for Tim. They're working an exoskeleton idea that Tim really likes. He tells her that they have a lot of work to do. Kenley describes her design, showing Tim all 17 clashing prints that she's using. Then, she waits for him to love it. He tells her that there's a fine line between avant-garde and costume and she demands to know what movie has costumes like this. OK, how about Glenda the Good Witch of the North, he offers? She would never be this fabulous, Kenley replies. Tim suggests that she not listen to him, then. She says that she can't wait to show the judges. Wesley interviews that he doesn't want to add to the garment, because he feels like it's going to be ripped apart on the runway.

Tim asks Terri how she's doing and she says it's OK, but she's not intending for anyone to believe her. She talks about incorporating the fur into her design and Tim says that she should concentrate on making it look like the fur really "belongs" to the dress. He says that Keith is very innovative, so hopefully we have a good partnership. Crickets. Keith giggles a little when he realizes that Terri's saying he's a shit team member. I think that was a little bit of bad behavior on her part. He suggests that they could construct something a little differently. She says that earlier he was on board for what they are doing. He disagrees, saying he never liked the idea and tried to offer something different. She says, "Ruffles" is all he offered. OK, it's clearly more important for her to appear injured in front of Tim than to actually get anything from their partnership. She's making a huge mistake. Also, he calls her "darlin'" and she tells him not to call her that. I agree that he was probably trying to be a little bit condescending, but let's someone be a grown-up here, OK? Tim just says that they have to make it work. Keith tells Terri that she's not the easiest person to work with. Then, we hear him say, "What a fucking nightmare," as he's moving to the sewing room.

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