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Everyone starts mingling. Heidi thinks that the bustier on Kenley's design is too low. Kenley insists that the boobs of her bustier are exactly where Heidi's are. She's not right. Kenley interviews that, if Heidi's "talking nonsense" she'll have to step in and correct her. This girl is too much. Alison tells Leanne and Emily that their design is stunning. Robert chats with Terri and Keith about their design. Keith interviews that Terri won't even talk to him. He feels disconnected. She's totally fucking up with that. Christian asks if the fur is removable from her design. It is. He thinks it's prettier without the fur.

Carmen tells Rayon and Jerry that she likes the shape of their design, but she's worried that they repeat elements too many times. Korto asks Jay if he can guess their sign. He can. They're impressed, but he's like -- it's water, it's Aquarius. Not that hard. Heidi tells Blayne that his outfit looks like granny panties. He asks her if she can at least see how he's fulfilling the needs of the challenge and she takes a moment. Oh my God -- the lighting in this moment...Heidi Klum Seal is so ridiculously beautiful. It's crazy.

Daniel is really impressed with subtle use of trims in Jerell's design. Kara thinks that Joe's bodice is really beautiful. She calls it a "pillar of fire and strength." In reply, Daniel whines, "Wow, that's so poetic." Somebody give that boy an iron pill. Jay tells Leanne and Emily that he really likes their work. They repeat that they didn't want to be too literal and he says that they weren't. The former designers vote on the winner and that's the end of the party.

The next morning, the designers are back to work. Terri decides to ditch the fur collar. She's going to add color to the front of the dress. Meanwhile, Keith is asleep in the lounge. Can't really blame him at this point. Tim enters and sends in the models. Kenley says that she "fixed" the bustier. She says that Heidi was like, "Where are the boobs?" and her model doesn't have boobs. I think she was really saying that the bustier didn't fit properly, but I guess it makes Kenley feel better to just say that Heidi was insulting her poor model.

The designers are scrambling in their last 10 minutes before the show. Stella is hammering away. Rayon says that he's not going to be able to do everything. Joe says that Kenley's design is "truly Mickey Mouse" and that she should be in the bottom. It's time for the show. Korto finished in the nick of time and is thrilled. Tim has to wake Keith in the lounge before the show.

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