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Joanna comes in and says that this is the most avant garde challenge in the history of Project Runway. She likes to make grand statements like that, doesn't she? She says that they need to make dresses that really stand out. She starts with Kenley and tells her that she's very excited that Pharrell is the guest judge. She says it as almost a threat. Joanna seems to really dislike Kenley. She asks her what she's going to do to woo Pharrell and she shows her the plaid she's creating. She's also using this basket weave fabric that is usually used (and unexposed) in upholstery. Joanna seems intrigued. Mondo interviews that he actually really likes Kenley's design and thinks it was very smart to create her own plaid, except he doesn't consider glow tape to be lights.

Joanna tells Jerell that his dress looks like Kenley's, except smaller. He explains his design to her and she cautions against anything that looks like a Christmas tree. He interviews that he thinks that Joanna seemed intrigued by his design, but that his look could turn out "fabulous or fugly." He giggles and says that fugly would be fine, but that's not really true. Fugly would be a problem. Austin really just has the foundation for his dress in place and Joanna thinks that it looks part-alien/part-Elizabethan. What people don't realize is that Queen Elizabeth I is Ziggy Stardust's traveling companion, so, Joanna, you don't even know how right you are. She asks Austin if he's worried that maybe his look is too romantic for Austin and he says that he thinks there's a lot of drama too his look, but ultimately he has to be true to his own aesthetic. She tells him that he has to make sure that his design stands out amongst the other designers and he looks around and kind of laughs. I'm not sure if it's a laugh that means "Lady, I'm doing something that I've never done before -- get off my back with that standing out noise" or more of a "Have you looked at the other designs? I'm not worried about standing out."

Michael meets Joanna in the dark room and I think we can safely say that, at that point, the room ceases to be anyone's idea of heaven. He shows her two looks, unless this is just one really elaborate look and I don't think that's the case. Joanna's excited that there doesn't seem to be any draping present in the stuff that he's showing her. There's a headpiece that he's made that has a hole at the top for a long ponytail and is illuminated. Joanna says it's "very Lady Gaga" and he corrects her -- "it's very Michael Costello." No one told me there a difference. Another look that he shows employs glow tape, but it has puckering and he's not sure what to do. Joanna tells him that he needs to consider the construction problems keeping the judges from appreciating the idea behind his design, an idea that she seems to appreciate when it's Michael's and not Kenley's.

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