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Joanna talks to Mondo, who has ideas but not a lot to show her at this point. They discuss the stress involved with the challenge and Joanna recommends that he bring a "Mondo-like focus" to his process. That's actually a very nice compliment. Joanna leaves and they all race to finish. Jerell is in the darkroom with his concoction, which is looking very sea anemone right now. Kenley says that she loves it and it makes her smile. I do not feel this way. Jerell notes that he's the only person to use fiber optics and it gives the garment a lot of movement.

The models come in for their fittings and Mondo still doesn't have anything to put on his girl. Austin says that Jerell's look is weird and poorly constructed. Michael fits his girl with the hood and Mondo says to his model that it looks like he's turning her into an Ewok. Kenley notes that Michael always pounds out like six looks then decides which one he wants to use, while she could never do that because her work needs to be perfectly constructed. She's mostly done with her look and everybody seems to admire it, though Mondo points out that it's still the same dress. Whatever. It's also got this coat element that completely changes her typical silhouette. Mondo is so DARK this season.

Austin Skypes with his mother and she tells him that she likes his mustache. Is that thing real? Is he wearing a fake mustache? Folks, I think Austin may be wearing a fake mustache. Well, doesn't that take the biscuit? Who in the hell is wearing fake mustaches for fun these days, nay, EVER? So, his mother tells him that her house has is in foreclosure. Austin explains that she is a real estate appraiser and the recession hit her very hard. He's mortified that his mother is essentially homeless at this point. He tells her that he won't let her down nor himself, but she says that he could never let her down. She promises to be cheery for her. He tells us that he wants to win this competition for her and their family.

Finally, Mondo finds his inspiration and starts moving forward with energy and passion. That night, they file into Flatotel and talk over wine. Jerell explains some things he wants to do with his look and tells us that he needs to pull some stuff out to compete with the talented designers who remain.

The next day, everyone works to finish their pieces. Michael still hasn't really applied lights to his look. Austin says as he's gluing lights to his dress that this must be what God felt like when he was creating the heavens. Mondo is kind of stumped again and Austin says that he doesn't feel Mondo's look is very avant garde. The models come in for their fittings. Michael tells his girl that she shouldn't sweat, otherwise she might get electrocuted. Michael thinks that Austin's dress is too simple and that he's going to go home! Maybe I'm just a snob for saying this because Michael is not terribly cool -- I did defend him a lot during his initial season, though I'm wondering if maybe that was because I was just offended by everyone's mean-spirited attacks on him -- but I just feel like it's some weird mistake that he has made it this far on the show. I don't know what it is. He's a good technician, but I don't trust that he has any aesthetic at all. It's like he designs by a process of elimination -- he doesn't do things more than he does things. Right? To clarify my point about the cool thing, I wonder if I would be as suspect of his process if he were hip. But, has anyone else made six looks and you know he's just looking around to see which gets the best response from the other designers?

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