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It's onto the runway! Angela, looking lovely as always, greets the designers then introduces the also always lovely Georgina and neon yellow-shirted Isaac. I guess he's dressed for the occasion. Then, she introduces Pharrell, an actual style icon and personal crush object since the days of Britney being a slave 4 us. I think the actual crack that my friend made was something to the effect of "Worried about your Louis VUITTON (drawn-out pronunciation) getting dirty?" This was met by a sly smile that sort of admitted how actually absurd it was for a guy his age to be sporting around luggage that expensive. At least that's what it felt like. And, his smile is cute. Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream are his fashion lines.

The black light comes up and the show begins. Mondo's look is first. It's a short strapless dress with tracked panels that protrude vertically from the dress. The panels are lit and give the dress a 3D effect. It's not terribly flattering, but it's fun to look at. Mondo thinks it's a love it or hate it look. Kenley says that it's like looking at the sun.

Jerell's look is next. No. First, it is true to Jerell's aesthetic, but I think it's all wrong. It has the tribal aspects of a lot of his work. The fiber optic-laden skirt and collar resemble some sort of native Polynesian costume. Under those things, he has a black skirt and long black sleeves. It almost feels like she's wearing a fashion version of a green screen. The other clothes seem like an afterthought.

Kenley's look is next. It's a cute short dress with flared skirt and the plaid on it is brilliant. She topped it with the upholstery fabric in a boxy coat/shrug. It creates a super modern silhouette that I personally love, especially considering the dress is much closer to her classic silhouette. The only thing I don't love is the Nicki Minaj pink wig that she used on the model. Something about it looks really cheap and forced to me.

Here we have Austin's look. It's black tulle with starry lights wrapped from bottom all the way to a circle around the face of the model. He loves the fantasy of the look and thinks it's one of his best ever creations. I have to say, it really is lovely. Seeing it creates a visceral reaction. You're sort of swept away with the romance of it and the lights actually make you feel differently about what you're seeing near the model, like when Cybil Shepard was shot through cheesecloth for Moonlighting. There's a haze about her.

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