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I Live For Teletubbies

And, we finish with Michael. You know, this shit is over-the-top. Michael went FOR it. What we have is a black dress with an a-line skirt. At the bodice are two protruding loops that flare at the shoulders and create a V at the waist, which is actually very flattering. There is green glow tape along a lot of the dress, all of it slimming in its shape. AND, the model's face is covered like a ninja. I approve. Michael is very happy with it.

After the show, the lights are dimmed again and the models return to the stage. They start with Kenley and she says that she wanted to push herself ("Isaac!") as she had been told to do. Pharrell loves that the lights are draped around the grid coat, liked barbed wire. Isaac loves it, particularly because there is volume at the bottom and top but the girl doesn't look huge. Georgina likes Mondo's dress, but feels that he could have placed the tracks in a more flattering way. Isaac wonders if it's actually avant garde and they start listing the things that it resembles: vintage Cadillac wings (Pharrell), Madonna/Gauthier (Georgina) and Teletubbies. Isaac thinks it looks like Teletubbies. Angela's on board immediately. Isaac loves Teletubbies. I don't understand. No, he lives for Teletubbies. How can you live for Teletubbies? Angela probably watched them in high school, so it's sentimental for her. But, Isaac Mizrahi? Living for Teletubbies? Maybe he just likes that the one had the purse. Seriously. I don't get it. They're French though, right? Maybe I get it.

Jerell explains that he was drawn to the movement of the fiber optics. Georgina agrees that the movement was nice. She was reminded of a tribal rave. Isaac liked the lights but didn't like the black dress underneath. Angela didn't like it either. Pharrell thirds the hate. They lift the dress and like it much better.

Austin explains that he was shooting for a heavenly look. Angela says that she would like for the lights to have been more spread out, but the others absolutely love it. Isaac thinks it's mysterious.

Michael really gets slammed for his construction. Isaac thinks that the tape on his dress looks like tape and the chaser lights inside of the bows are too busy. Georgina has problems with his construction too. Pharrell is reminded Mortal Kombat meets Grace Jones, which is a good thing.

The designers leave the stage and the judges confer. Angela appreciates that Mondo's look was well thought out. Angela loved the look of Kenley's outfit. Georgina repeats the praise that it was very flattering. Everyone was crazy about Austin's look, though Angela wanted the lights to be inside the dress. They were all disappointed in Jerell's look. The long dress was a bust. Isaac doesn't think that Michael's look was pretty at all, but Georgina thinks it was definitely strong. Pharrell points out that his girl looked like someone who could kick some ass. They have made their decision!

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