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Window Shopping

Heidi calls all of the designers onto the runway. She tells them that, "surprise," they will all be kept onstage for the question-and-answer session. All of the models return to the stage. Deborah tells Daniel and Andrae that she likes their design. It's "feminine and beautiful," and she feels that they listened to her instructions. Nina likes how "versatile" it is. Michael says very seriously, "It's cute. It's very cute." I love how somber he looks when he says that. He says that he feels they achieved the challenge's objective of merging their styles with Banana Republic's style.

Deborah tells Kara and Zulema that, when she first saw the dress, she thought it was beautiful. However, on closer inspection, it looks unfinished. She asks them if there was some "last minute-ness" to their design. Zulema replies that she and Kara have different "style," which left them pressed for time. Michael Kors says that the dress is "adorable," but he can't "figure out this '80s, like, power-bitch, Mugler jacket." His final verdict -- loves the dress, not sure about the jacket.

Deborah tells Diana and Marla that she had a "hard time" with their design. "Who was your sort of woman behind it?" I'm not sure if she's asking which designer thought of the concept or what "kind" of woman they imagine wearing the design. Diana replies that they wanted to represent the BR's reputation for making classic separates. Deborah says that she likes each piece, but none of it seems that modern. Michael says that the model looks like a stewardess, and he's "waiting for her to bring [him] a cup of coffee." Santino laughs and pushes his hair behind his ear at this. That's "hair," singular. Attention: Cut your hair if you're balding. Don't be that person. She does kind of look like a stewardess.

Nina tells Chloe and Emmett that she loves their outfit. Michael concurs, but adds that it looks more Bergdorf's than Banana Republic. Chloe says that she is aware that it looks very expensive ("like Bergdorf Goodman's"), but it's a less expensive option. Nice save. She defined what he meant by "Bergdorf's" and made it a good thing.

Deborah asks Nick and Santino to describe their thought process. Santino says his girl is an art director or works at a fashion magazine. Michael says, "I know the most powerful women in the art world. They're my customers. They would not walk into their galleries dressed like that." Santino says that he feels that Michael's customers are "a little bit older." He continues, saying that his design is for "the Banana Republic woman." And he's not finished; he says that he knows women who know Banana Republic who don't necessarily know Michael Kors. What a motherfucker. Okay, say whatever you want about Michael Kors's designs. Say whatever you want about his motives for being on this show. The truth of the matter, though, is that his name adds a cachet to this show. It gives it some prestige. And, Santino, you are taking advantage of that by appearing on this show yourself. So, how dare you say something so nasty to this man's face when his presence here is going to benefit you? Santino is a dick. He may know how to make pretty dresses, but his attitude sucks. Being able to win over trashy ol' Nicky Hilton doesn't mean he's got charm, either. There's no point to what he's saying except to be rude. He's essentially saying, "I'm Banana Republic and you're nobody." This design would never be in Banana Republic in the first place. I don't know why I'm feeling so defensive on behalf of Michael Kors all of a sudden. The guy's rude, though. Deborah tells Santino that their design is "beautifully styled," but not "believable" for the Banana Republic customer. Nina is done. She's all, "It's too much. It needs to be edited, yet again." Nina asks how they worked together. Nick, like a wimp, dances around saying that Santino puts a lot of extra shit on his designs and he tried to limit that; instead, he says a bunch of nothing. Nina says, "I don't really think this looks elegant. I'm sorry." I think Santino may be a bit dead to her these days. The designers leave the runway.

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