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Window Shopping

Deborah says she liked Daniel and Andrae's design. Michael agrees, saying it looks like they worked well together. Nina and Michael like Chloe and Emmett's design. Deborah, however, feels it's too "esoteric" for a Banana Republic customer. Heidi says that she liked Kara and Zulema's design. Deborah thinks that the jacket and dress didn't go together. Nina goes a step further and says that it looked like two people designed the garment and could not agree on what to do. Michael considers this a failure, because the object was to make a garment with "one cohesive statement." We see a shot of Kara and Zulema backstage, and they seem friendly. When Heidi brings Diana and Marla's design into the discussion, no one seems happy. "Wake me out of my nap," says Michael. "Dull," adds Nina. Wow, I didn't realize that they hated it so much. Deborah says it's "secretary cliché" without "quirk." Michael's not done. He adds that, not only was it boring, it also was not "woman-friendly." What, the garment won't allow her to vote? It expects sex when it takes her out to dinner? Oh, because it's "flat -- really, really flat." I see. Diana is crying backstage. Chloe tells her not to feel bad, further upping my expectations that she will be the equalizer at the reunion show.

Lastly, Heidi introduces the subject of Santino and Nick's garment. Deborah says that they didn't listen to the requirements of the challenge. Oh, Deborah, how simple-minded you are. You're still worrying about the upcoming spring collection, when Santino has been kind enough to see into the future for you. Remember, he knows where the BR is going. Michael says that Santino is always trying to show everyone how creative he is. "He's trying too hard," says Nina. She again says, "It's too much." ["Does anyone else think Nina is going to dress Santino down so badly at some point that he storms off the runway?" -- Sars] Heidi then tells the judges who received the most votes for their window display, as well as the fewest. We don't hear the results, but we see the judges' reactions. They say that they agree with the winner. Nina and Michael only make faces in reaction to the loser. Nina's says, "There you go." Michael's says, "That's right, bitches."

The designers are brought back onto the runway. Andrae and Daniel win the challenge! They hug each other. Deborah tells them that she can't wait to have their design in the spring collection. Andrae says that he is "thrilled."

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