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Window Shopping

Emmett and Chloe are "in." Kara and Zulema are "in." They look SO relieved. They say their thank-yous and leave the runway. Kara does a little shimmy when she walks behind the runway backdrop. The girls hug each other when they get backstage.

Heidi tells Santino and Nick that they were "over-designed" and that they didn't design for the Banana Republic woman. Oddly, Santino doesn't huff, nor does he puff at these remarks. Maybe he's learning? Heidi tells Diana and Marla that their look was boring and wouldn't "work for day or night." Santino and Nick are "in." They leave the runway. Diana and Marla are "out." They get their "auf wiedersehen"s and leave the runway. Emmett is the first to stand and hug them when they come backstage. Daniel also comes over to say goodbye.

Okay, I know there's been some controversy over Diana, but I have to say, I'm really sad to see her go. She seems really sweet and I like her design philosophy. And I like that she's a big ol' geek. She interviews that she has learned during her time at Project Runway what it would have probably taken her years to learn in the fashion industry.

Kara is hugging Marla when Tim enters to escort them back to the workroom. Marla interviews that she hopes to challenge herself more in her designing. That would be really cool. I hope she does that too. Diana finishes, saying that she is very excited to see what life holds for her. Well, let's hope that a reunion show smackdown is part of her future.

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