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Window Shopping

Next, we see Kara and Zulema working. They appear to be having communication problems. They are using Kara's design. Zulema interviews that she "relied" on Kara because her design is similar to the Banana Republic aesthetic. Kara interviews that, since she and Zulema are very different in terms of design style and aesthetic preferences, she is not sure if she made the right decision in choosing Zulema as a teammate.

Tim Gunn comes back for a moment to tell everyone that the losing design in the challenge will result in the elimination of both associated designers. Suddenly, it's not enough to play the victim to your teammate. Make it work, people. Everyone seems really alarmed by the news. Commercials.

When we return, Kara explains that the double elimination means that teammates are "bound" to each other. I kind of like how the element of "I just have to not be the worst" has, to a degree, been removed from this competition. So often, it seems like people are counting on the failure of someone else, instead of their own success. Tim says, "This is the classic 'Make It Work' time."

After he leaves, everyone starts working in earnest. Andrae does a survey, and it appears that everyone is using the same fabric -- navy charmeuse. Andrae whispers to himself, "That's so scary." Zulema says to Kara that a "roomful of navy" is "so fucking boring." Right you are. But then she interviews, "If I see silk charmeuse put on another garment one more time I'm just gonna puke, 'cause I'm so over the fabric. It's so overused." I can't tell you exactly why I'm so annoyed by her right now. Maybe because she chose silk charmeuse when she had other options? Maybe. Maybe because she seems to always sound like a full-of-shit know-it-all? Likely. Kara insists that they stick with the navy charmeuse. Zulema continues in her interview, saying that she and Kara are having to compromise because they each have such different styles; however, she's not sure if they are compromising in the most productive way. Yeah, that's a tough call. We then see Zulema kind of stomp out of the workroom, but she may just be going to the restroom or something. Not necessarily important.

Diana and Marla are discussing an element of their design, and Diana appears to be overcome with self-doubt. "I don't know. What do you think?" she says as she cups her head with her hands. Marla tells her not to panic. Diana interviews that she felt more strongly about her design earlier and is now having doubts. So, she's "changing [her] ideas around." Marla interviews that she doesn't feel like the skirt of their design would be flattering to someone's body. Of course, she speaks up now that she knows they might both be eliminated. Santino says that "Diana is grasping at straws and she's so ridiculous in there. And, I can't stand the sound of her voice. 'No, I think. No, I think. No, I think it should really be this way Marla. Nah, nah, nah, nah.' And it's just like, Oh my God." You know what I can't wait for? The reunion show. Because either it needs to be revealed that Diana was just some sort of asshole who pretended to be nice on camera, or Santino needs to get his ass handed to him on a platter. From what we've seen, there's no excuse for him to act like such a jerk about the girl. I really hope someone asks him why he was so rude. He can be all "I'm the greatest" all he wants, but nastiness is not part of being self-confident. Quite the opposite, actually. I'm trying to think of who should be the equalizer. I say Chloe. I want her to be all, "Why'd you say such smack?" Since (prediction) he'll probably be in the final three, I doubt he'll care very much. I hope, though, that he gets a little comeuppance for his behavior.

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