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Window Shopping

Tim enters and tells everyone that they are "taking a field trip." This gets an immediate "Oh no!" from Andrae, even though he doesn't know where they're going. That's weird. Nick interviews that he thought they might go to "some fabulous Park Avenue apartment." Why? We never hear his reasoning. They arrive at (surprise!) Banana Republic, and are greeted by Tim and Alessandra Brunialti, who is the head of women's design under Deborah Lloyd. Alessandra explains that marketing is a huge part of a designer's success, so the designers are going to have to create a window display to correspond with their design and, hopefully, compel people to buy it. Oh my God, the whole time she is describing the display challenge, Andrae is cooing and aw-ing like an insane person. Dude is on 11 all of the time. And, as time goes on, sometimes, I love it. Alessandra interviews that Banana Republic customers will vote on who had the best design and the best visual presentation. I'm not sure if that means everyone will be voting twice (once for presentation, once for design) or if voters will be combining the two elements into one vote. The winner of challenge will be decided via the voting, and the rest of the designers will be judged on the runway. Tim takes over, telling them that each team has been assigned a window and their models will serve as "living mannequins." That sort of thing usually sounds pretty dorky to me, but Tim Gunn sells it like it's caviar. Each team will have $200 and thirty minutes to shop at an art supply store for the materials for their window display. Then they will have an our to assemble their window "installations." Tim thanks Alessandra and they are on their way.

Everyone's scrambling at the art supply store. Santino interviews that their display will be a scene with their model as an art gallery director. Marla and Diana were arguing because Marla didn't want their window display to look "stupid." At Banana Republic, they are putting their stuff together. Kara interviews that she sees the window display as a second chance to make their design work. They work together feverishly, and it looks pretty exciting. Their idea is to have circles similar to those in the design fabric all over the display.

Emmett and Chloe seem to be moving along smoothly. Chloe interviews that Emmett decided to create two life-sized drawings of their design -- one as day wear, the other as evening wear. We see Emmett drawing on their backdrop, and it's looking pretty good. Through the glass of the window, Tim tells them, "It is more fabulous than I can say." I don't think they can hear them, but Emmett seems to gather that Tim likes it.

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